cant upload config

well as the title says here i deleted my old cfg from my profile and now it seems i cant upload my new one as were it used to say upload cfg it fails to do so now anyone else having this prob or no how to fix or is it just crossfire being ghey as per
Probably they are recoding it
blame chunk ffs
ah flexican lol never noticed was u lol howdooooooooo
yoyo :D cu around @ slacroom :)
lol why chunk ?
need more journals about that
need more answers tbh
maybe you've used the button for the pic uploading or its not a rar/cfg file
just a bug itll be fixed soon i guess.
pour quoi on peu pas uploader notre cfg et notre avatar ?
c'est un bug qui devrait être résolu bientôt
d'accord , merci de m'avoir répondu :)
pm PolandSlay3r
I will send you mine...
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