Me (random guy) and TosspoT (yup that famous guy from ITG, best shoutcaster ever just after Mashed :D, blablablabla) wanted to greet some ppl (or bot whatever) joining #crossfire, but as far as we said hallo, hi or morning they parted

[05:24:44] »» [m]ode> [fusen] sets [+v Jerblack3]
[05:24:47] [@TosspoT] FF|Thoro`HS say helloe to Jerblack3
[05:24:56] [+FF|Thoro`HS] helloe Jerblack3
[05:25:16] »» [p]art> [Jerblack3] [~office@p54A06CF1.dip.t-dialin.net]

[05:40:28] »» [j]oin> [DrokEGN-reu [M@a81-197-222-80.elisa-laajakaista.fi]
[05:40:44] [@FF|Thoro`HS] morning DrokEGN-reu[B
[05:40:53] [@FF|Thoro`HS] it's like a test now
[05:40:54] [@FF|Thoro`HS] :)
[05:40:57] [@TosspoT] yup
[05:41:00] [@TosspoT] I think this will work
[05:41:08] [@TosspoT] hi DrokEGN-reu[B how are you today?
[05:41:57] [@TosspoT] ...
[05:42:08] »» [p]art> [DrokEGN-reu [M@a81-197-222-80.elisa-laajakaista.fi]
[05:42:18] [@FF|Thoro`HS] ;o
[05:42:37] [@TosspoT] omfg
[05:42:50] [@FF|Thoro`HS] u scared him with this how are u
[05:43:05] [@FF|Thoro`HS] just hi nick
[05:43:08] [@FF|Thoro`HS] next time

So Tosspot decided to drink sth with Night @ CPC2. It don't have much sense after that logs, but it was his decision. I agreed with this idea so TosspoT ask me to cut his hair, but i wasn't able to do it. I was kinda hungry so mint tried to send me some kebab through dcc, but my bnc blocked it. Then blablabla and i wanted go to bed, but TosspoT ask me to write a journal about our today's expierience on #crossfire from 5-6 am so here it is. It's kinda sux and don't have much sense, but whatever ;x.