i need a keyboard

as the title say i need a new keyboard cause mine is some kind of shitty shit ! D}:

Money : Around 70e

Good night to good ppl bad night to the others
Got G11, working good, never had any problem.
just get any old one, it dont matter
going to teh royal wedding? :XDDDDDD
nolololololol, but we get friday+monday off for it o/
LOL more money than sense...
£35 keyboard - £35 alcohol .. BOOM !
Steelseries has a nice line of keyboards if you're willing to spend the money on it.
Razer Arctosa is good and costs around 40 euros
g15 = 70€

The rest is up to you.
if you want a good keyboard (nice, heavy build and stuff) but without any maccro key or useless thing then go for steelseries.

otherwise, go for roccat valo, razer,logitech,...
razer lycosa
€70 euro for a keyboard

image: 31685_650x400_1


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