Truth about Osama

So is it true that the Americans killed Osama Bin Laden or was he already dead? In 2001 there were already several sources like Musharraf (president of Pakistan) saying that Osama died because of illness.

I just think there is more going on. Either Osama has more lives or the American are just lying. What or who do you guys believe?
i dont really care
Look at these dumb motherfuckers! Gets me sick. I fuckin' hate living in this country.
I don't want to come accross as being a dick but. By acting like this they are only going to fuck tehmselfs over in the long run.

If an attack happens soon. These dickheads won't be outside the whitehouse chanting they'll be moaning about the government and how they failed to keep them safe.
hahaha i can feel ur pain :D
Reminds me of the east celebrating in the streets burning effigies, the savages...
probably they are dumb as fuck, but atleast your country has money. its still better than living in a country where dumb people live, and they are poor also.
Yeah 7 rich and 1234567 poor, the country is rich fuck yeah. AND the money is just a debt, nothing more, so basically they have a huge amount of debt, USA going to bankrupt soon.
u think of the russia...they are very very much poor and africat...usa is top country
USA is far from "top country", basically its fucked up, in huge debt, corrupted, poor, caring about nothing etc -country. :-)
no...usa is very famous country you think of very big but very many problem...alcoholic many whore many heroin etc....also bad country is china and iraq
"caring about nothing"

still better than 1 rich and 1234567 poor isn't it?
Just stop it already you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.
USA is far from rich
You're mistaken, they don't have money, they have a giant debt.
The US has money? Are you fuckin' serious? Are you talking about the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air?
they are so fucking stupid
They all look the same to me anyway so could have been a 'look alike' that died :Ppp
i THINK this is the lie from teh USA they are always do the lie....i say if is ubama bin baden then why dont they no give chatvideo with "ohh 24 hour muslim rule" but noone ever listen to muslim why start now? is bs...obama is alive i hope he attack usa again this time with 4 plane and kill all
we should give him some nuclear bombs :p
yes! or just trap fedor in cage send him there then they release him and he extinguish all the world.
i had same idea but fedor + arlovski :p
Al Qaida already started to retaliate.

Why do you think crossfire was down NEARLY ALL EVENING?!?!?
If they nuked this country I would die with a smile on my face knowing all these cocksuckers are gonna die with me.
I would be alive with a smile on my face. It would be this big. : )
big trouble for the u.s. incoming i gues. wouln't take that long until a new attack :X
this are muslim....they so bad it is very fun noobrace....if they attack any countries we just take new country for the lulz. Ohh you send one letter-bomb? oke we take iran....2 letterbombs ohh that cost u 3 nations and a mcbacon and compnay.
seriously, i definately don't get your point :D
noone is the care about the muslim because they very bad....look at fact:
obama bin laden "attack" world world center twins.....2 tower gone....what whities do back? they steal afghanistan and iraq.....

why we scare if they attack? is opposite...if they attack we just go take new country and get oil. muslim is noob
WITHOUT VIDEO AND PICTURES (or a body, oops, damn Muslim law we gotta follow ya know), IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

Seal Team Vids please.
Area Control Helicopter footage please.
Assault Ship Pilot video please. (All 4 of them)
AC-130H Spectre gunship footage. (Both of ‘em)
Fighter pair escorts video. (Both of those too)
CIA Dude footage from across the street.
Drone footage.

Today, Obama.

Otherwise they’re just Charlie Browns teacher squawking, from the President on down …
I understand English isn't your native language but it's not comprehensible. I don't understand you.
i blame casek
"DNA testing confirmed that it was bin Laden, sources told ABC News"

Rofl, what... they had a DNA sample of him on record to compare it to?

Dumping the body in the ocean as to not make it able for his followers to have a place of worship. Can someone please tickle me so I can laugh even harder?

And as for the idiots chanting "USA! USA!" and "OBAMA GOT OSAMA!" in front of the white house and on time square and wherever other place in the US, well I guess every country has their share of morons. Too bad some of em actually make it into government.

image: i-want-to-believe
It's bullshit, hes been dead for years imo

Obama should of done the george bush speech tho "ladies n gentlemen. We got em!"
its fake, Osama = Obama obviously.
Retard was only able to change 1 letter.
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