portugal vs finland

Outro? wtf.
I watched similar video for 3mins, I cant imagine myself finishing this one either
se não queres engravidar, chupa uma pila
didnt watch
14th of March 1940, one day after the Winter War ended, SS "Greta" departed from Portugal and brought a donation of 19902 boxes of sardines, 956 boxes of onions, 157 boxes of "preserved fish", 27 boxes of pineapples and one box of hot water bags, woolen jumpers and skis (quantity unknown).

According to Jari Leskinen, docent in war history, the donation was worth "a couple hundred thousand euros, maybe around a million".
Just send the same amount of goods back. :XD!
Best answer :D!!
haha good video didn't watch
lol columbus
nice video :{DDDDDDD
Maybe sell ur gold first before taking any loan money.
tbh im agaisnt this "loan"
u should be happily taking it, its not like u gonna have to pay it fully back ever anyway.
like what happened in greece ^^
MarseilleLeFrancis' 1st CF buddy was Portugalportuguese.
Thank u for sardines :D plz fuck u portugal :D!
ofc "we" can send our old clothes and ice skates for portugal :)
send the ice skates plz :D
Lost interest in this bull**** after 5.56
Of course Finland should be grateful to the help of Portugal back then.

But the video dodges the size of that help:P
This video is sad. All about ego :D
so dumb video, i think they flushed all their changes to get any money from finland. have fun portugal waiting for help......
its a funny clip idd. also lots of countries have wealth but whats the point of all this? who are the ones getting the money? it just doesnt disappear. do some massive reforms in our financial structures and thats it.
Portugal was Spawnkilled by his own political :P
portugal vs finland, nice setup for a war.
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