azatej's config

Is there anyone out here wich has azatej his config ?

thx in advance xx

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Have it!

if you want his config send me a pm
Will this suffice?
Did you try and download it today?
If only I could.
i have it
never tried it

Apparently perfo has it, he also loves people talking to him, especially during prac times!

#skk! :)
such a nice guy, helping players like this.
Surely this was crying out for an "ask perfo" comment?!
cg_fov 90
r_mode 4
yes I have. But it's not for sharing
yes, in my profil
Yeah, Azatej has it.
/r_picmip "9" and ur done
in my profile
good cfg, lots of hs!
do not want

no irony intented so I could gain your trust which would result in you giving me his cfg
tried azatej's config, and it looked the same as mine lol
My guess would be yes, there's definitely someone with Azatej's cfg!
btw chick is fucking beastmode
I have it.
when people realizes that cfg doesnt make you better.

just make one for youself which is good for your PC&you.
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