A question for UK-crossies

Hey there,
so here is the deal, I'm starting uni in September and I most definitely will need to get a job to make some extra money :<
And here comes the question of what is the estimate weekly income for a student working part time, stuff like personal experiences / stories of a friend of a friend of a friend / some links and general info on the jobs and prices, will be much appreciated as well.

I have a students works office and all that, but as I'm planning some stuff now (ie. finances) I'd be glad if you'd help me out with some info.

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If you work in a part time job that requires no skills I would say anything between £40-£100 a week. Completely down to how many hours you do. This is a guide of 6-12 hours a week (Presume your looking for something like shop work for now?)
I'm fine with anything, since I'm on a gap-year, I'm currently working and doing all kinds of different stuff, so I have a bit of a background/experience.
Thx 4 info :)
I'd like to second potty's comment. Nobody knows your own finances better than you do... but £100 is enough normally for rent. Loan covers food and drink and a bit more...
If we're on the topic of loans, would you give me a summary of the student maintenance loan, cuz I get how the tuition loan works, but not so sure about the maintenance one...
Would be highly appreciated :)
Well, you basically get ~1k a term as a standard government loan. The local councils offer some students more money, that they don't have to pay back as well. Are you not coming from the UK then? In which case I'm not sure how that all works out, both in terms of loans and grants..
Nope, I'm a 'poor polak' :S
Thanks for the overview of that, I was too lazy to read it all today so just wanted a short comment of what the whole maintenance loan could be, gonna spend the next evening (or rather the next next evening) figuring that out :)
Lol. Well do Poland supply anything for you in terms of loan/grant? If not, and the UK doesn't supply you with something (which I'm not sure about, you may be eligible for the loan, really don't know) you might need a bit more money than £100 a week!
I think I'm eligible as an EU student, anyway too tired to go through all that stuff now, will figure it out later. Thanks anyway!! :)
currently paying £140/wk rent

Holy shit. I was paying ~95/100 in my first year, and that was the most expensive my uni did (as well as it being the SE and a building only a few years old). Although I spose you are catered..

When you done with exams btw?
if you can afford it - don't work and focus on studies but if its your first year its not so important

expect to get minimum wage (£6 per hour? i think) so 6 x number of hours you work

but like i said - make sure you get your uni' work done as a priority :p

plus u have to fit in beer time too
..there's always room for beer time ;D
My 1st year and it seems it will be a bit easier bcuz I have some money saved up, but after some research here and there, it's not gonna last for 4 years, so my plan was to save/work as much as I can for the first year so I wouldn't have to use my savings.
Get a part time bar job, if you can work in a pub, it's easy hours and has benefits i.e from 6pm-12 am that way you can even go out and meet your friends after work. Or work in a club the hours are longer but it's got a few more benefits you will meet more students in the same position, more chicks, get into other clubs for free and find your self waking up in a flat with a 14inch plain peppers only pizza the next night after going to a 6am house party after work. I DON'T EVEN LIKE PEPPERS

Work for beer tokens otherwise you will find yourself drinking piss in the kitchen for 3 hours everytime before you go out which gets a bit boring.
Haha, thx for the info!
Your profile says your 19 so you'd only qualify for the lower minimum wage, think that's around £4.65 p/h tax free as a student. 16 hours would bring you in around £60-70 per week - it's not much but it's a drinking budget.

I know quite a few students that do agency work in bars at footy stadiums & the racecourse - so if you've one nearby it might be something to look into, they'll generally take anyone, are usually on a Saturday daytime or Tuesday / Wednesday night so not in uni hours & you can get tips. Plus as fragma says there's plenty clunge.

Office jobs will prolly be a ball ache to fit studies around. Get a car & deliver pizzas, that worked for me the tips soon rack up & it's easy work.
gonna make it to 20 in the summer, if that changes anything :)

And driving around on the wrong (;D) side of the road doesn't sound so appealing :)

Anyway, thanks for the info, that's what I needed :)

BTW, by agency you mean a normal job agency or is that some sort of a code word for something? :_D
Nar 21 is the next bracket I'm afraid.
Ah, crud... So I thought...
Normal job agency, you'll see loads of them in your town. We don't seem to employ people permanently anymore <o/
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