Another drunk journal

bacardi n whisky w coke
80s party
pussy licking (too drunk to fuck if u know what i mean)
huge hangover

have to go to work in 1,5 hour
Partied Finland hockey-win till something, not sure about clock. Happy happy joy joy, at work now, summer-opening-special-day.

Guys at Oulu (girls too, tihihihi), come and eat hernekeittoa kenttäkeittimestä, at alasintie & SA-Kauppa.
drunk is kewl
ur a kewl guy
good job!
reminds me a bit on the "beta" of sick :P
bacardi-et ??
Quotebacardi n whisky w coke

Sounds like my mandatory Tuesday night out with the boys.
Sounds like my mandatory weekly businesslunch on tuesday.
hahaha :')

Especially the "pussy licking" part I guess? :D
Especially, I deal in russion who-...bureaucratic assistents.
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