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I was looking for some old game and stumbled onto this "The home of the Underdogs":

Its a great site with all the old classic games I played as a kid. Most of them need dosbox and just arent playable if you ever touched a modern game. Others are still a great fun to play, despite their older grafix.

image: rouse5.thumb

Some games I personally liked a lot:
Blood 1 & 2 (FPS)
Transport Tycoon Deluxe, but patch it to openTTD (Sid meiers <3)
Pirates! (Sid meiers again)
Colonization for windows (Teh almighty Sid again)
Syndicate Wars (Action)
Dune2 (first RTS)
Discworld (Awesome RPG, lots of fun)
Leisure suit Larry ( '80 pixel pr0n!!!)
Ascendancy (4x space sim)


ps: Dont use download accelerators 'n shit. You will get banned. Tnx to loekino for downing alpha centauri and uploading it to me on msn ;)
Same goes for Civilization. I have been playing some Colonization again lately after I searched for some other abandonware sites. :)

[ XTC Abandonware ]

My favourites certainly include most Sierra and LucasArts adventures. But there are too many to name (and remember). That's why I compiled a list of what I currently managed to think of (and already downloaded), just because I enjoy discussing DOS games too much. :D

I also have the complete King's Quest, Space Quest and Quest For Glory series, but I have them on separate DVDs.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, or if you perhaps own games and/or sequels I don't have yet, please post them here! Also contact me if you want any games from my list.
You got X-COM 1 and 2 the wrong way round. TFtD is 2, Enemy Unknown is 1!

...and ooh - Syndicate. I'd completely forgotten about that, used to play it loads when I was about 9 :D
If you like the king or space quest games, maybe you should try Discworld. Its the same concept but way way funnier then kings quest.
I've played it. Check my list, it's in there. ;-)
Wow, that site has a really extensive collection! I'll be updating my list very shortly! Thanks! :D

Edit: Unfortunately this is again a site which is being bugged by ESA. Still a nice knowledge base.
Haven't been on that site for years now :o nice to see that it still is alive.
dune 2!! Classic
Tesla tanks for the win! Man, I loved that game!
Gotta be Zelda!!! Played it for ages to clear it 100%
Jagged Alliance
Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games *Can't dl from here tho*

Legendary stuff for me.

And another nice abandonware site to check out: Abandonia
I still have Jagged Alliance 2 on CD, never could find the first part. Amazing stuff, eventhough I sucked at it. ;D
Personally I didn't like JA2 that much, was sort of a disappointment after Deadly Games.
Good old memories <3
I think i need to downlad Wolf3d once more :)
i have it on 5 floppy disks :> ... no tesla btw ... devastator, deviator, sonic tank asfaik
Sonic indeed :>
But it uses a teslawave or something like that ...
Tank with Radar on the top :p
Frontier: Elite II best game I ever played!

Whole Galaxy in 300 KB :)
Dune2 my oldschool love. <3
iirc I got Teenagent from that page, really good game.
great site. good games to play on my laptop @ school
Yes, Colonization was one of the best games.
Thanks biatch ;)
<3 Westwood ... C&C and Dune ... always on top.
Old in more ways than one!
how about
- duke3d
-shadow warrior
- day of the tentacle
- sam and max
- rise of the triads
Search colonization for windows. You will find it. Still roxors as much as back in the ninties :)

If you dont find it, i think i got it on my hd somewhere ;)
nice, I still got most of them though, I used to deal warez-cds at that time :d
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