xbox 360 vs PS3

Which one should I get with zeh family's new TV?

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dont act like if u polakball have moneiyz
Get the ps3 if its for the family.
ps3 obviously if you are oldschool nerd

xbox is for newschool nerds + faggots + lol @ the controller
nothing wrong with the controller. it is fine :))) + new xbox 360 controller is on its way. in the new version of the controller they fix the fucking arrow buttons :PPP

xbox 360 actually works a lot better and runs some games a lot smoother than ps3 (this is mostly my very own opinion :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP)

nothing to do with being oldschool console gamer or newschool cause both are newschool consoles. 8)

(xbox 360 network [live] works a lot better than ps3's which gets harrashed every day by some nerds/criminals/nerds/CONSOLE TERRORISTS)
You having a laugh? I've had my PS3 longer than my 360 and I regret getting it. In the next few days I will be getting rid, it is just sooo boring and the players are shit. I've had nothing but FPS lag and it takes to long to even send a message as the menu takes ages to load. The dashboard/main menu is boring and hasn't had any new good features since 2007. You can't even install games, which ofc decreases loading time and improves FPS. I play Black Ops on both consoles, the 360 runs smoothly, without any lag whatsoever. The PS3 version just lags and the game slows down all the time.

The PS3 could be a good console, but they will not be doing what people always request. You can't even party chat with friends playing other games. The console always crashes using the browser, you can't play PS2 games and have to buy them again.

With the 360, at least you get a gaming console that works, and it works well. The PS3 is a media centre at it's best.

Recently a friend of mine had got annoyed waiting for PSN to come back on... I said to him try a 360, he was a bit worries about it. He was an original Xbox owner, we used to always play Halo 2 together. He had his PS3 since 2007, played almost every day, online 99% of the time. He got an Xbox and the first thing he messages me is... all I do know is that the online system pisses PSN, he also had no lag, which he got all the time on PS3. He is only playing his 360 now, and he hasn't even signed into PS3, and considering he used it every day is saying something.

Plus 360 players are more skilled than PS3 & they're less likely to be dicks as they get banned, unlike PS3.
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QuotePlus 360 players are more skilled



Only noobs + nerds play online on console ( anything else than NHL/FIFA/PES/NBA )
More skilled than PS3. Some players are actually well experienced. The CoD series is the same on console and PC. The maps and it also has ProMod for CoD4, so they do have just as much experience as PC players (in map knowledge). I've seen a fair few 360 players who're amazing aimers and it looks like they're using a mouse, perfect tracking etc...
xbox 360. Altough ps3 is great I must say xbox live is a lot better than ps3 network If you will ever go online!
for online playing xbox 360
I have a PS3, so you should definitely get an XBOX360.
or get both :X
Did you get Mortal Kombat for the PS3 or the 360?
dont like this kind of games
Too bad, because it's basically MK3 with updated graphics. Very entertaining!

What's your PS3 ID?
saepotter :D
kiddin right?:D
actually not
I have a PS3 and I love it for FIFA and Blackops and any racing game.. x
yeah yeah ! !fifa 11+gt5+shift2 :) ):
i have gt5 too :)

didnt play for 2 months, is PSN working again?
yes is back add me skyline936
Console-fags. x)
when it comes to single player games consoles win

when it comes to online gaming pc wins
Not for me, havent been interested in SP-games in ages, GTA years ago. CBA to sit alone and play, except occasional Civ and that cant be played with console.
got both

xbox360 + kinect is fun if you have a big living room

but ps3 for me is better, the console does not make any noise , not like the xbox
free online , better graphics , better exlusivity, just better
I got a Xbox but I like the PS3 aswell, just bought Xbox i like the controller better
ps3 (mortal kombat anyone?)
ps 3 -_-
I've got an xbox, hate the ps3's controller now :P ..if you want your credit card details stolen, buy a ps3 :)
+Better components
+Free intranetz
+More space to save (Thanks bluray)
-Can't play all old games:( (PS1)
-PSN SCANDAL!!!! (Net can sometimes be unstable cos its free \o/)
-Long download times
-Party invite problems(?)
-R2 and L2 buttons, I prefer PS2/1 ones. (PERSONAL OPINION)

XBOX360(Why you call it 360? Cause you turn and walk away):
+Cheaper(?)(Everyone selling those new versions and so, don't know original prices)
+Fast download
+Stable LIVE
+Nice party system
+Ergonomic controller (Personal opinion, it fits hands little better than PS3 controller IMO)
-You have to pay play online
-Less saving space than PS3
-You have to buy batteries to controller

This is what I got in my head right now!
nice joke, but if you turn 360 u cant walk away.... u just hit the same spot retard!
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Get brains idiot...
I agree with u almost everything but in the end xbox 360 > ps3 :P
Indeed, only game I miss for my ps3 is halo :(
JUST FOR UNCHARTED3 GET PS3 man :)(with hdtv 1080p)

best game this year incoming ! ! !
Imo a PS3 is better.
Who have a XBOX360 are just jelly at PS3 users.
xbox controller is for uber nerds idiots faggots ps 3 wins
There are very few exclusive games these days , so if cost isnt an issue go with the PS3.

It plays blurays, it doesn't make as much noise, you don't need to pay for online, the controllers can be recharged without extra cost and it has better graphics.
PS3 for BR and Xbox for more FullHD games....

baught a xbox again cause i got sick of the hd ready games for the ps
I'd say PS3.
This is what that guy thinks about a XBOX:
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