#ET-Cup Matches

Okey, here are the first Round Matches (I can't post it in the Newspost...cauz of an maximal blablub error...)

"How will the big dogs fair? ET-Cup #1 winners one4one will take on the unknown European outfit Vib - a walk over surely? Then there's the European all-stars IDKFA.et (who made the semi final last time round) against the newly formed zenith black. And finally ex-Eurocup contenders insanity! take on the German outfit of Team graVity, a win a certainty?"

Germany Team graVity vs
Israel insanity!

Finland gods.inc vs
Estonia p!imps

Europe Rewind vs
Belgium pstarZ

Netherlands Morrigu vs
Germany Tast.Gaming

Finland insta-gods vs
Europe Team-de

United Kingdom 141 vs
Europe starline / Defwin: 141

Germany Protax.Gaming vs
Czech Republic r3volta

Germany Team-Beta vs
Finland Euthanasia

Spain wArning! vs
Israel cs3r ownZz / Defwin: cs3r

Hungary Thunder Force vs
Germany re-play

Germany roYality-Gaming vs
Poland FearFactory / Defwin: roYality

Finland West.et vs
Europe B.F.U

Germany Angeldust vs
Russia Team-Pistols

Europe Signum vs
Germany Fallen-Soulz

Europe idkfa.et vs
Russia Zenith Black

Poland Warlords Multigaming Clan vs
Europe ::: / Defwin: Warlords

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