Hide & Seek?

yo ppl

are there any h&s servers alive with players?
just wanted to play some :P

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5 best hns but 90% of time empty :<
just watched that movie
Element server is the best one but it's empty unless you advertise a game on there in a journal I guess.

The only one with players is that EA piece of shit which is based on some shitty ETPub modification which lags the shit out of you and makes you mad. Everything from strafejumping to pistol recoil is laggy. Argh.

Oh, and it has a ridicilously fast chargetime so you can basically keep spamming medpacks nonstop. If it weren't for the lag, anyone with half a brain and a wrist that isn't broken could outstrafe all of the noobies playing on that server ad infinitum thanks to the endless supply of packs.
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