My confession.

Dear crossfire,

I have been wanting to get something off my chest for a while now,
So here it goes, i guess...

As some of you may have noticed in the past, my dear friend Cataloniadualinity received a red triangle for sharing his clanbase account with the somewhat known cod4 player AnonymousAntwan.

I was aware of this all along, in fact, Antwan is a good friend of mine, and when i heard he was prohibited from playing on clanbase again, i came up with this solution. I am terribly sorry towards my friend dualinity, and the online gaming community

For punishment, I'd like to request AT LEAST an orange triangle, for knowingly playing with both of these player. And finally, I'd also like to confess that dualinity writes some of my journals, and i should be punished with this as well.

image: Jenny+Lewis+2qvsj09

I forgive you and I hope rest will be able to aswell
dude, i forgive you
Ban both from Crossfire!
lol at vid :XDD
fucking nerd, go sleep
Oh my God, that was the most random and silliest thing I've seen in a long time.
and its old..
whats it ment to look like?
Oh dear get some general knowledge.
Antwan was in jail!
amazed how you continue to be faggots together, im impressed
It's fine, thou shalt be forgiven.

E: "I'd also like to confess that dualinity writes some of my journals". I see what you did thar!
For the random chick i would give a red triangle :D BETTER CHICK NEXT TIME YA
I hope you drown in your own vomit.
Alas dude my throat doesn't have the reflex to vomit. Its a terminal disease so think next time you post please.
Then I hope you drown in your own shit.
Don't have explosive diarrhea like u do. :D
You're not worthy of jenny lewis, anyway.
Your not worthy of a name without a red triangle
oh no, i feel so offended now :(
o noez i feel so pwnd now
You're acting as if that was my intention, but in reality, i don't give a shit about this triangle since i had stopped playing games long before i got it.
you still play the Real life game is it not.
Antwan aka the most obvious wh'er in COD history :DDD

on a side note ; what was the whole thing with him being in jail ? He said he was framed by his ex-gf or something like that ?
I played tennis with eXo today. He's from the old Team NL COD4. I asked him about Antwan. It seems the parents of his ex-girlfriend claimed that Antwan kidnapped their daughter. So Antwan has been in jail for 3 months. After the 3 months, it seemed he was innocent, so he got money for the 3 months he had to be in jail.

np for Antwan!
Ow didn't know he got reimbursed ! I heard he was doing a lawsuit against them but haven't read anything since then ...

Good for him (except the jail time) Should become a rapper now , street cred n all :p
Yea he got backstabbed pretty badly. The only thing I know is what I just toldl you above. I haven't spoke to Antwan lately, I might give him a call this week to catch up a bit hehe. Gangster style.
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