AdDicted to this music can u guys post similar to this. listened twenty times already
pretty simple.

3)every single tune sounds exactly like that
come on...... ur not funny
well seeing that music is one of the few things on this website that i am genuinly interested in i usually dont joke about it.
and the same holds true for this post. as i did not manage to identify a single element that would make the tune any different from all the other trance stuff i answered your "question" to the best of my abilities: just search for trance as it is "just" trance

e: anyways this would prolly be my best shot
same style but with a more "classic", less alarmclockish sound to it...
That, sir, is an insult to oldschool trance. I agree that these days commercial (aka ASoT-trance) is mostly the same package only with a different label, but 10 years ago there were MANY good trance songs that did not sound the same :-)
to be brutaly honest i dont know trance from 10 years ago. when i was 12 i was busy with linkin park and alike :S

dunno if its any similar though just popped to my mind
The new above and beyond album came out a few days ago, but its more trancy.

Example: (scroll to 2:40)

Personally i am more into electro/house/tech/dubstep

But with the same kind of synths:
Lady GaGa - Judas (Thomas Gold Remix)

Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji - Pressure (Alesso Remix)

Can give more if people want
judas,,,, plz its so horrible
Talking about the original? Don't even know how it goes..
:P its rly horrible ;P
lol that judas mix is really similar to mine >D cheers
you appear only when it comes to good tunes, lol ;D
:) Got so much work, but I'll be done in july prolly :D then i ll release my vid i guess.
so adorable <3 and am not talking about the vid ;d
Blank & Jones, try it m8
Would rather be addicted to smack
Cant stop listen to him too now his pretty good
+ he's got lots of 1 hour sets on youtube thats cool.
Can't watch but here's some of the tracks I remember from back in the disco days, not that into trance anymore tho but still like those tunes for the memories..

Hennes & Cold The Second Trip

Hennes & Cold The Second Trip [DJ Scot project remix]

Jones & Stevenson - The First rebirth

Warmduscher - 10 Kleine Bassdrums [Pille Palle Mix]

Warmduscher - Auf Die Fresse [Club Mix]

Yakuza - Cocaine

Nordlicht - Cry [Hennes & Cold remix]

Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer

Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire [Club Mix]

DJ Scot Project - O - Overdrive [Arome Mix]

DJ Dean - Here We Go

really gay shit I liked

DJ Sammy - Boys of Summer

DJ Shog - Running Water

Barthezz - On The Move

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