Prague citytrip

Planning to book a citytrip to Prague with my girlfriend. But to be honest I don't know a lot of Prague so I need some infoz from someone who lives/has been there:

How's the weather in July?
What are the 'must have seen'-places?
Is it expensive (compared to Belgium)?

Extra info stuff is always welcome ;)

Ps: gimme the best places to go out :)
golden city

hf gl

Pragues in winter
Dubrovnik in summer

profit !
prague is cheap, been tehre last year, weather is overall nice. must sees are the old city/golden city astronomic clock on the scare that has a castle behind a house wtf is that about
and the 'praagse burcht" even though its a long climb
seriously dude?? that what u call a "must see".

must see is a beerhouse where they sell some very rare and expensive black beer and also a beerhouse called "flek" where NK Hajduk was founded.

image: U_Fleku_Hajduk
yes cuz hajduk split = prague? gtfo severus, your losing your credit for the iphone chick. watch out
actually he is speakin the truth
but why would you go to a kroatian team fan cafe in czech?
because it's more awesome than ur gay shitty castle. u're too young too go and see stuff like that. wait for retirement dude. there's plenty of time for cultural education my friend
during the day, might as well do some sightseeing bruv. agreed on not having to be there at night or party time, but I dont go on citytrips to just hang out in a pub the whole day :s
hehhe ok I have to agree on this one

It sounds nice!
in July 35'C np
orly? I like!
from all of these people you gave least info, yet you live there,np :D
what about nightlife?
"hardcore" i send u pm ,sec :)
praha <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 x25
between 23 C and raining all day long and 35C and fucking hot all day long :)

golden city/golden street is most popular but imo its a little bit overrated. but all old city is cute and beautiful. also watching a hockey match would be a nice expirience in prague. If u got time u may go arround 50 km to Karlove Vary for a romantic day :x/

no it isnt expensive.
QuoteKarlove Vary for a romantic day

true ,awesome city
Poprad for a High Tatras ;)
A tie one, krivé zrkadla su kde vlastne? :D
google eh flashy!
personal experiences are also interesting to hear :)
Ik ben daar vanaf 2 augustus met men vriendin, maarja de grootste discotheek, de klok, karlsbrug ofzo?, jodendingen en nog wel vanalles.
En het is ongelooflijk goedkoop daar vergeleken met nederland, geen idee tov van belgie maar zal wel ongeveer hetzelfde zijn;)
die club waar je t over hebt, is idd nice. Een weekend daar geweest en 2 avonden in die tent beland.

goeiekoop klinkt als muziek in de oren :p
golden city, heard of some castle on some hill
it has inhabitants
When are you thinking of going?

I'm there from 10th-13th of July, staying in a cheap hostel called 'Emma Hostel' with 6 friends. Apparently if you dont go to the tourist snatchers, you can eat and drink very cheaply, as Czech beer is among some of the finest.

Sites include the old town, the prague castle, and general beautiful architecture.

Weather is meant to be warm too, 25/30*c.

I was thinking about 11 - 14th of July. Hm hm, I'm looking forward to it :)
Haha, see you there bro!
good weather
a lot of things ( you need more then a day to see the most things )

go there and have fun, i enjoyed it a lot ;)
Will be there in the 3rd/4th week of August.
Heard Prague is the sex city number one .. hot chicks and orgies after parties .. u really want to go with u gf ? :x
Nice city I went with my gf a few years ago, pretty cheap, loved the Budvar there.. and it was shit hot I got Irish man sunburn
kafka <3
Im going to barcelona, gonna wear my Madrid jersey in them streets like a boss bruv
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