TSM vs aAa

I lol'd

TheRainMan pro escape

Epic game
One of the nicest games to watch so far.
fucking awesome, pushing both sides after leaving baron but TSM was dealing more damage after all! I feel bad for aAa, I like them :[

e: that jarvan was fucking epic
Regi is freakin awesome
LoL ye? watched it a bit yesterday had like 176k viewers
thats fkin HUGE sc2 only had 45k
i dont even play LoL, but i cant stand the fkin HoN casters
prolly will start playin it tho
LoL was broadcasted opn own3d right?
yes, in fact, own3d provided the stream for them
afaik owneds viewer counter is bugged
Numbers have been confirmed by Riot Games and Dreamhack, although they usually were 5 - 10 K lower than the Own3d-statistics, the peak, afaik, was 192 000 though.
pff nice, no idea why thats so entertaining tho :D
This is absolutely hilarious.
I hope you're not one of the people who kept screaming HoN > LoL.
I can just put it this way for all the HoN people who say LoL is casual shit: If you want eSport to become mainstream and gain more prestige, you must open it up to people who are not experienced in that area -> You must open it to casual scrubs.
(No flame btw, but I see more people who kept flaming LoL now suddenly open up to it like you do)

If you need any help to get into the game or get the differences between HoN and LoL explained, PM me. I played both.
yea ur absolutely right
i didnt think LoL was that big
but its fkin HUUUUUUUUGE 176k viewers is AMAZING

ive played a few LoL games, always thought it was basicly the same without denies
but its totaly diff, cant rly compare them, at least thats what i feel
alot of HoN players i know are just playin it till dotA2 comes out & if that fails
most will prolly switch to LoL, might as well switch now ^^
People kept saying that you can't deny in LoL. Actually you can deny, just that it is way more complicated, you have to zone your enemy out, which means you have to win harassment battles and be enough of a threat to keep your enemy out of the xp zones / last hitting.
Turrets hit like a truck early game compared to HoN. DotA2... well I don't think it will be as popular as LoL, except if it happens to be free, which is the main reason why so many people play LoL.

I really like the fact that they hit SO many viewers, it's the first step to making e-sports socially acceptable. Probably one of the first times it doesn't sound weird if I say I play video games competitively.
well yea zoneing like in trilanes n stuff
but not physicly denying :p
waiting for the day u can tell ur gf u just aced the opponent and she will be proud of u ? :)
is this hECA

needs 36 damage to win a map?
Yes, need autograph? :D
Fucking crazy play by aAa there?!
baserace was *_*

my summoner name: AM1G00
level 8, bashing nubs with Evelynn :DDD

feel free to add :D
will add you as soon I login :) now it's 3 hours queue after session closed -_-
same, just 1h 22m more -,- hope they fix those times soon
in the morning it was the same - 3 hours then it decreased to like 40 mins and it started working. nerds wanna play after watching those epic streams
hahaha yea probably yes :D i watched only this 1 beacuse i was eating or smth, normally dont have enough patience to watch streams like those :) prefer to play it by myself :P
indeed, I'm watching dem actions and also trying to improve gameplay and positioning a bit.. to hell with it, I'll still be shit :D
Queue's been shit the past couple of days tbh :S
Expected because almost the whole riot crew is on DH. They said it thought.
yeh its allright, just sign in go do something else come back and i'm in so np :D
I wait in the queue like for the 3rd time already and after a game I get session closed.. it's not worth it
its been fine for me ever since i got in tonight :S dunno tho queue is a bit annoying over the last few days
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