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About to go to uni where I have my last exam today ( woop woop ). The exam has two parts : theoretical, and an oral defence of our thesis for this course.

The first part shouldn't be a problem but the second part got fucked up by one of my groupmates : he editted the final version after we had agreed that nothing should be changed anymore, and now our thesis is full of spellingerrors and basic mistakes.

So in short, fuck me.

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imma go sleep

just blame him
imma go sleep

Fix it before you go and just be late for the exam.
He was also the one that handed in the thesis, I expected someone to give this reply :P
Tell me something, why would you have him agree to not changing anything and then have him hand it in?

Why didn't you just keep it until you had to turn it in?
You know some people actually do what has been agreed on?
It doesn't matter whether or not they follow through. If it's something important, always make it your responsibility to see it through until the end and not put it in the hands of somebody unreliable.

Why take unnecessary chances?
Yeah guess you are right. If you want to get it done right, do it yourself. Yet not all people are complete fucktards.
He was the one that declared the work "finished" and said we shouldnt change anything anymore, when he suggested that he was going to hand people were just like "sure".

GL kevin! :)
thats why I do all projects alone or let ppl do things they just cant screw up :P

its why over 3 years of university i give the tards the introduction and conclusion. Then delete all of it and do it myself and hand it in. Then when we collect the work you just collect it yourself earlier and text them to say uve got it.

in 3rd semester I made project with 2 other guys, I said I will do application and they will just do user manual (some simple screens with description of button actions) and some graphs/diagrams for it. Everything went fine when we were passing whole work to our teacher, until the moment he said that neither of those graphs/diagram is correctly drawn. After that fail I was requesting individual projects every time we were supposed to do smth in groups. Well, I made one exception last semester in Web technologies class because I was supposed to work with guys I know very well. At the end I spent doing it more-less alone due to unexpected health issues, I spent over 350 hours in 2 months working on it just to get insta A without doing exams (the project in class was rewarded with exam pass), and we succeeded.
If there is smth what university taught me, its that things are done the best when you do it by yourself (except for orgasms :D).
you be stealing my tactics bruv!
nah its what works best, for me aswell. you'll never be 100% happy with the result if its not fully your making.
i dislike most of the 'go work this out in a team' tasks... in the end i always end up editing others bullshit :/
So you basically dislike work in general? Afaik companies consist of employees that are organized in groups and work together.
Still I know how you feel :(
i don't generally dislike work... but some tasks just can be done alone more efficiently (at uni).
i know most shit needs to get done in a team and it's usually less of a drama at work than at uni.
I wouldn't put my shirt on that one. Still I get your point mate
i dont want to fuck you!
i had my last exam today at 8 o'clock.. i hope I passed :)
Party hard this week.. matriculation ball and summerfestival @ Antwerp

12th july: Mallorca with 12 friends ;))))
honestly, why the hell do people still go to mallorca :D
Whats wrong with Mallorca ?
Going with my GF this summer...
had my last one today 8-D fuckyeah.jpg
I just failed biology :P

With nice people its nice to sit and talk shit but even then working alone yelds better results
fuck you
QuoteSo in short, fuck me.

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1. tell the truth and burn the fucker at the stakes

2. profit hard
group exam? :o
group oral duh
pass your exam then play d2 for 24 hours to celebrate, living the dream
i finish tomorrow..
good luck :)
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