Quakecon coverage. All day - Every day

I was watching the painkiller semis of the CPL stop in Chile yesterday. Although I don't play the game or are very much involved it is nice to watch. Much has to do with the way the coverage is brought.

First of all there is ofcourse the amount of professionalism related to the amount of attention a game like Painkiller gets. The developer hes put alot of prize money in it to attract the pro players, this brings more attention with it. Secondly there is the way the games are presented. TSN has a live video stream on their website where you can spec the games, see shoutcasters, see the players. This whole thing makes it more accesible for outsiders.

It must be great to play a game that gets that much attention. Even if you are not the uberpro. Hope there will be a game I like alot with all this :) Try to see it as a new quakecon every weekend :)

I am not trying to prove anything with this. Just thought I would share my opinion with the rest of you guys. Its really exciting once you start watching. Grand finals are watchable this afternoon at 15GMT on http://www.tsncentral.com/ make sure you are there :)
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