DNF, Bulletstorm, etc.

Right so I know this is probably like the 23u891204712 journal about DNF, but I gotta if it's worth *trying* to play on (currently at the underground mission with the wall tickling and shiet)... It got a bit more interesting than @ the beginning but somehow it feels more boring than wold3d that I recently played @ work (at least at some points).

PS. Did anyone play Bulletstorm and did you like it?
Personally I think that it's been a long time since I had so much fun fragging AI opponents.

PS2. Maybe there are some good games that I missed and because of that I think Bulletstorm was good :D?


Would post moar chicks but I'm @ work ;o :)
bulletstorm gets boring really fast and the story is way 2 short
With Bulletstorm it just felt like everything that was similar to Painkiller made it awesome, and everything that was brought into the game from GOW sucked balls.
pic from suicide girls dot com :D
Yar, I have Bulletstorm for the xbox, enjoyed it alot :D Especially the scope with the special bullets ^^
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