Bill S.978 WTF

Sup cf,

so i've come around this bill tnx to TheGUNNShop on youtube
He basicly explains what the bill is all about :)


QuoteIf passed, streaming content of various forms of media such as video games will become a criminal offense.

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journal made by some1 els on this - - just needed bit more attention imo

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this journal needs to be edited
you still playin that battlefield game?
only with my dutch clanmates and that very rarely.
atm i am on a nostalgia trip havng finished all S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s again, Oblivion with OOO, Dranksang River of Time, X3 TC, New Vegas DLCs, Anno1404 and stuff like that.
also im quite busy finishing the Song of Ice and Fire books which are 1000pages each.
oh how sweet semesterferien can be.
care I'm in Germany biatch
oh yea.. >.>
u cant see half of the shit on youtube so far
dont u think thats a bit ridiculous
Not really :D

I listen to music somewhere else anyway
ye but like video's n stuff
can u still watch streams?

btw there was a video of a random chick masterb8tin on youtube
got copyrighted for the music in germany before it got flagged for porn :s
imo thats kinda.. :ss
Reading this literally made me want to punch you.

Edit: Nice deleting your own replies.

Well, somebody already posted about this on Saturday,

Anyway, a few of my thoughts on the basically would render a massive amount of Youtube videos a felony, and really just doesn't make any sense. I'm not sure why they want to make this a criminal issue when it's clearly a civil one.
ofc i delete my replys, problem fixed xp
use other sites , not youtube
its not just youtube.. lol
they don't know every sites :D

+ only in usa so it's ok
+ it's gonna fail

if this shit is voted, no more, no more gaming site.

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That wont work, can you just imagine ? Do you think no1 is gonna react ? héhé
ofc ppl are gnna react
god damn imma be so pissed if it passes
but you "only in usa so it's ok" is an american site :s
Well if the artist, producers and all the shit tell to google, it's ok you can upload my music on youtube, Bill S.978 becomes useless. Guess what ? youtube have already the permissions for most of the artists
guess ur rite :)
but still kinda scary bill imo :s
I'm a bit scary but even if it's voted, it's gonna fail with all the hackers in usa :D:D
live in russia

no bills there
Quotejournal made by some1 els on this - (url) [] - just needed bit more attention imo

tnx for reading
all i hear is bla bla bla
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