TeSLA @ lan

My first lan was epic way much better than expected.
It s been fantastic for me to get the chance to play when I only came to spec, especially as a Low- skill :D
I just wanted to have fun and to entertain people, especially knowing how some needed to get their stick out of their ass.

Best moments :
When I signed up the team
Match vs Reveal
image: 115670362-3image: 115670356-3image: 115670349-3image: 115670345-3image: 115670339-3
Waterpolo game at the hotel
The photobox with Jennie and Playmate ( fanboys pics available for 10 euros each )
Being silly with the feestdings
Jennie playing sober drunk with the hotel security man xD
Touching my fake boobs xD

Overall really nice to meet the ET community, especially :

GermanyPlaymate ( ET coolest chick + team carrier )
GermanyCherry ( my favo lapdance partner xD )
United KingdomDerynn ( fun girl + pro dance floor gamer )
PolandStokkie ( sweetheart <3 )
NetherlandsMott4 ( lan luckiest guy )
BelgiumAnaconda ( pro admin + pro age faker )
NetherlandsbAnga (Now I belive you :p)
GermanyArne (thank you for helping me out )
HrN ( :* )]image: hrn
FranceB3ck ( waterpolo pro )
FrancerAffou ( samanthaaaa <3 )
Francekarnaj ( merci pour ton matos mais l'état du keyboard c'etait quand meme abusé)
FranceAn7ho ( dommage que t'ai pas filtrer les photos, mais bon vu que ta deja le pied dans le platre je vais pas te casser la gueule tout de suite)
NetherlandsrAtte ( Dr. Green Thumb )
BelgiumplAyer ( gentleman <3, still need to watch that pistol only match )
Netherlands7ele ( NL best riffle )
sven ( candieman <3 )]image: svenhzh
BelgiumAL1 (muhahahhaah owned by a girl at waterpolo!)
Belgiumundead (muhahahhaah owned by a girl at waterpolo!)
BelgiumJere (muhahahhaah owned by a girl at waterpolo!)
BelgiumP5Y ( l'homme sans qui rien ne serait arrivé, Love you for that <3 )
Polandzmk ( I AM NOT 7ele FCKING MUM !! that was funny :D )
PolandFrag'Stealer ( polak saucisson lover )
PolandNumeric ( nice team leader, but what s up with ur headset ? )
miXer ( funny guy almost as entertaining as me )]image: mixer
Finlandpeeho ( good luck with the freaking summer daylight !)
BelgiumBrch ( gentleman + lan most beautiful eyes )
Austriajoey ( I swear next time I ll ninja sachel u :D )
GermanyeiM ( fun playing you and your team :D )
United Kingdompotty ( introducing himself as UK best player mmouuuahahha )
Jay ( lan finest ass :* )]image: jaysbutt
BelgiummAus ( need to get this stick out of urs and go kiss this girl you staired the whole lan at I SAW U ! )
United KingdomR0SS ( nice car with brand new windows, hope you made it safe back home )
United Kingdomsqzz ( most impressive player I ve speced that speed is unreal )
ItalyXyLoS ( enjoy ur after exam vacation :)
FLoPJEHZ ( you need to drop that none smiling face dude :D )]image: flopje
United Kingdommarcus ( lucky kiddo ! )
United Kingdomrazbo ( Still waiting on those 10 euros! )

Thanks to all the nice guys that have helped us with keyboards, mouses, headset and settings, it s been realy nice to have some gentlmen support <3
And moreofall THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCHHHHH Squirtles team for sponsoring our girls team :DDDDD

Wishes for next lan :
Having the girls team in top 5
No more Cod tournement at the same time as ET lan
More ET people, lets bring back ET alive ?
Having more girls teams ! Lets take over girls !!

HighHeels Team Picturesimage: team2jhjimage: teamkqkimage: team3dod
Anexis Final match Pictureimage: anexis
Polaks mics LOL
image: polaksmic
Jennije and the fan boyzimage: jennije

See you next lan !!!
nice pic with you and heroin xD
agree :D

so sweet :*
wtf hayaa

is that sqzz with tattoo and hairstyle? on anexis pic
atleast a non-nerdy looking one, tho still a chav

on last pic, with jennije, who are thouse 2 guys? right one looks like maus but i highly doubt that :D
On the left side Sven but the right side i don't remember xD oops.
the other is ratte, but Jennije had a lot more fanbozs...
Tesla :D <333

See you soon in game ;)
was a true honor to play with the girl team!
You could say only this so xD...
good that you had a nice time :D
that's rude
ptdr !! et tu me l'as meme pas nettoyé, j'étais décu :DD
ravi de t'avoir rencontré même si pour les photos je n'y suis strictement pour rien, il faut voir çà avec ekto :)
i c my name, but i dont get it, translate :D
no need to translate just be advise that next lan ur ballz will be cut off
god my pic :x
frag'stealer :O
numeric :o
tele :|

thanks again for driving! :]
my pleasure ! Thanks for cleaning my car windows on the way xD
Haha you actually screenshot those kills? :D
OMG OMG I killed mAus OMG OMG

Him and Xylos were the hardest ones to get, can't believe they played that sneaky vs us !
It was nice to meet you :)
Team ZeroFashionSense
dude lan is not a freaking fashion show.
true story yet i would try to dress kinda adequate ... wtf are those eskimo boots and mc hammer pants.
Its called the chav summer collection.
merci pour l'information
:DD fucking nerds
cu next lan cécile! :)
nice clothes XDXDXD kringloop klere XDXDXDXDDDDDDDD
zijt is aardig voor die meisjes!
Pics of peehoo? :D
i dont know you but i enjoyed your journal :)
come lan ! :D
i've been to almost all! :)
Well you ve just missed the best one !
^^ I think I know you are, see you next time
Hi bAnga :D
Hi CityOfDelusion :D
kitty has competition
Toch geen competitie dit voor kitty! =D
ik zei ook niet dat ze zouden winnen:P
You had a nice helmet at lan :D
lol @ sponge on polak pic :D
whos the guy with the tattoed hand at anexis pic?
it s sqzz. He s really nice guy to spec, and nice person too :)
how do u be sober drunk?

sqzz crazy playa
Ask Jennije ! People could not believe she did not drink anything but it's true she was on medication.
was nice to meet u, i hope to see u next Lan <3 :*
What a strange keyboard.
cu next lan!
no shoutout to me tes ;-)
you weren't there, gtfo! :)
monster ripper.... WHO THE FUCK CAN DRINK THAT
nice mics polaks
winter shoes in summer

10-year-old hair fashion and standing collars

if someone find a image of these mistakes, i'll give my configs :)
Tesla sneakiest of all ninjas.
mdrrrrrrrrrr xD
what does mixer has in his mouth?
OMGGGGG.... TESLAAAAAAAA, IM NOT IN YOUR LIST..... i gonna cry so loud now!! :'(
Hey dudette, you are not in my list cause you were my gf before lan !!!!
i feeeeel sad now :(:( :P
n1 summary :)

seems u had fun there :_)
was soooo nice to meet you !
thanks for the shoutout , you rock :)))

what i say... she looks like a witch :D
Ok mr cheater

btw I meant playmate xD

mr nolifer :)
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