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QuoteBtw, for all the people that say "save ET" etc etc. A start would be still to get a stupid one click download for it on this god damn front page. HUGE BUTTON GET ET. I suggested that like 2 years ago already.

Another thing that is highly complicated to new people are all these stupid scripts and configs. What about making something like the CPL GUI in CS, where you can change the most important stuff with some clicks and that's it. No more stupid config files, weird scripts that other might take advantage of. Same chances for everybody.

Plus a short video inside this ET pack that shows the basics of ET, the maps and competitions. People spend weeks making worthless fragmovies, yet noone came up with this.

Oh, and I'm also quite happy I didn't buy this Brink :-)

by urtier, +1
made a journal so maybe more ppl will read it
I approve
agree with polish cheater
urtier isn't polish

hehe !
totally agree
too late. the party is over.
still better situation comparin to brink :D
good thing, i guess those introductory vids could be done within no time for the most common maps.
especially with QL probably dying, is there any non-shitty (even counting COD4 in) shooter out there being played? to me it seems only those dota-clones and starcraft 2 are left on the competitive "core-gamer" market - or am i missing something?
this actually might be a chance for ET (not to get super-huge, but to still get even more attention than it currently has).

stop making ET so detailed with configs and scripts and stop being egokiddies with useless fragvideos, but instead promote the game with the good parts of it
did he also told us how to promote ET? ;D
lol yeah. he said put a big download button on the front page that says "DOWNLOAD ET NOW" and make a small intro movie with scenes from et
on this frontpage? people wont even get on this site without even knowing bout the existance of ET tbh :p

maybe he meant the ESPN.com front page, im sure we'd get thousands of new et players instantly from there!
I approve
b_noshoveopponents 1 PALEEEEEEZEEEEEEE
for french but can still be improve
c'est qui le créateur de cette brillante idée?
Like it.
add facebook button ingame, so u can share stat, etc.
actually you could come up with a gtv - betting facebook app or something like that. not much work to be done, dno if it would be appealing though.
Whatcha doin in England?
Cool. Temp.?
temperature is always shit in london, what a stupid question mr rhand! :/ ... unless "temp" means a different thing!
With 'temp' I meant 'temporarily'.
its ok then, i will temporarily quit now
no. i stay, its cool
QuotePlus a short video inside this ET pack that shows the basics of ET, the maps and competitions. People spend weeks making worthless fragmovies, yet noone came up with this.

i could do that. =)

edit: urtier is our messiah, hail to him.
agree but brink is great
yea thats not gonna magically make some big difference.
no, but will give a chance to new guys coming here to know what the hell is going on
that´s all useless, if we dont get a complete update of ET just like CS has with CS:S
99% of the "new gamers" wont choose ET but CS:S,CoD or BF (and and and) even if ET is for free
but the ideas are good for the "new" game
the only smart comment
People still start playing 1.6 after they hear it's somehow better than source, just not graphic-wise. So should we start lobbing ET as the predecessor of Brink that has better gameplay?

Would 6on6 be more appealing for newcomers from other games? Could promoting less aimbased game attract people that feel they won't blossom in their current games but might succeed in this one?
have to agree...
now that is the result of what gaming industry produced lately.
People and new gamers learned to keep an eye on graphics and on how realistic a game is but none of them justifies a game by its gameplay.
ET is still one of the best games out there gameplaywise but cant keep track with new games who re completely shit..
I actually think the graphics are pretty good on r_picmip 0 and highest details like shown in a lot of fragmovies. So if anyone is gamecasting ET, they should definately use these settings.

Brink and other new games might have awesome shader technology, super nice lightning etc, but it still doesn't really look that good in the end. (Well, newer CoDs and BFs are looking quite sick though :-P)
yea i know you can get some eyecandy out of et...
hirntot guys also published some HD texture pack which is making it even better but still it is outdated compared to new technologies that companies put high effort in.
When going through gamesmagazines and stuff it just seems like this is what catches the attention of players rather then the gameplay :<
That's usually not a good idea because very few people can stream at a bitrate that would actually convey the look of the textures. There is a reason people use higher picmip for streaming because otherwise it looks like blurry shit :O(
Hirntot download package

Additional Setup options:
Install current PunkBuster Client Version: (v2.254 | A1382) Server Version: (v1.809 | A1382 C2.254)
Install PunkBuster update tool (pbsetup.exe)
Install PunkBuster service installer (pbsvc.exe)
Install Enemy Territory Minimizer (WinXP/Vista/7)
Install Start Menü shortcuts for ET, PB, Minimizer & Help Files
etded.exe - wwwdl overflow fix
did you even read his post?

none of the things he suggested is in this package. and this ingame hirntot cfg thing doesnt make it easier. how the hell some fresh guy is supposed to know what bob and yaw and all is?!
i've read this post. you've got with the package at least a installer which the normaler (not et playing) user is used too. It helps especially to setup pb and etpro. Not everything is inlcuded. But that I did not claim for the package...

You're post for sure helped more as our approach to make it easier for newbies to install a game....*facepalm* First of all a potential new et-gamer hast to install ET.
maybe join a clan which runs a public-server and read the forum entries there to get a clue of what the biggest hurdle is... (after that come the problems with setting up the right hud etc. pp)

Instead of trolling maybe you should do something yourself to be productive for the community.
right, there`s no ultimate installer that has it all. *facepalm* noone needs that other crap. nice plus, but definitely not needed.

this stupid package doesnt make it easier, i guess most new guys know how to install stuff. it`s about the game itself and its cvars.

but if u`d read urtiers post carefully u would`ve understand this. too bad ur plain stupid. now, that really helped alot!

call me in a few days if needed
urtier for CF Admin!
Or to this ET community if it's still exist
urtier to admin +1
Gotta agree with him but it takes time I don't have :]
everyone will be agreeing but close to no one actually wants to make the effort.
could not agree more.nice ideas
People get it now?
SD has never cared of ET after it relased for FREE.
ET 2.60 came because of Bani and TTimo.
Thank them.
Now thank Treb,for working at nice engine.
ageekd so fuking do it instead of saying urself or find people able to do it
too little, too late..
We should have promoted our game like four years ago, not now. It's over. I'd say have as much fun everyone with the game as possible and thats it.
just out of interest: i've followed the scene over all those years, 2006 ultima ratio (who were at that time aiming to compete with plan-b and the likes as an austrian "top"-mgc) decided to not take any ET squad anymore because of all the cheating and because every year people kept saying ET is dead.
this was at a time when the first cpc was to come, in the last 4-5 years and especially the last few months we have seen an increasing interest in ET. more events, far more big MGCs than 4 years ago, a new anticheat. there is one thing you can not argue about: the core-scene is angry, there are no good games out there and there are no reasonable competitors to come. many gamers yearn for games that have a good feel and gameplay to them - we do not need public players anyway after all.
attracting core-gamers should be the aim and that is possible as long as the "pro"-scene decides to stick with ET. if there is nobody to look up to, then ET is really dead, but there is still a huge pool of good players around - lots of them emerged from med-skill throughout the past 4-5 years.

with a game like quakelive dying and brink + cod showing how bad FPS are for competition nowadays, you can either proclaim a whole genre dead or recruit as many players as possible.
if it is over now, then it was over already 5 years ago as well, don't you think?

one REALLY big thing would be to get ET (in its current form) into steam as a free to play game.
a massive amount of +1 on your belly, bro
Uh, just noticed this journal :)

Well, I'm aware of it that those things boost the player base by 100% from one day to the other. However I still think that it helps.

Having this basic package with everything you need, you could even post it on more popular sites, especially for competetive gamers, such as esreality, cadred, tek9 etc. There should be plenty of possibilites given the connections some people on crossfire have. Even reddit or stuff like that (I'm not too much into all this new forum stuff)

I also love Limbonic's idea about getting it into steam, that would actually give them game quite a boost. And I also gotta agree that ET is surely NOT dying. I was one of the persons that actually already believed in 2005-6 that the game has peaked with Quakecon and CPC1, but time has told that there was much more to come (SHG, all the other CF events, Polish LANs, AEF, now SAGE etc.).

Another thing are one day cups, which I also suggested back then in this ET comittee (does it still exist?). Just official one day cups hosted by crossfire, just like those ingame planetwolfenstein cups in 2003/04. Seeing how many random (sorry at you organizers) one day cups are hosted, there is obviously still enough interest showed in playing them.

Of course I'm just suggesting stuff and not actively doing anything about it, some of it might be good, other parts might be stupid. But given the fact that there are obviously still people caring about the game, there might be a chance that someone (or a group of people) pick up the ideas and actually realize them.
getting ET in to Zotac cup would be nice.
Why would ET players not have time to play on sunday afternoon?

Zotac cup is a brilliant oneday cup with a small but still motivational pricepool and its hosted every week.

For quite a while already, the zotac cup constantly gets top players as well as semipro players into one competition and as it seems, its even interesting enough to be published on several streams every week.
Perfect example. Of course people do have time to play on sundays. The planetwolfenstein.de cups even started at 14.00 cet every sunday :)

If there's anyone that has some connections to these Zotac guys, he should surely think about using them. I'm sure there are enough teams interested.

(Yeye, I'm still just talking and not doing shit myself :-D)
doubt it would happen since problems start with ourselves.good/top teams havent been praccing as they should since ages...for example: i cant really remember when did dignitas or impact pracc for some decent tournament (praccing 2weeks before lan doesnt count).....they just couldnt be arsed to.

also i miss those real 1daycups like ET-Cup.net by SPU9, but doubt that such things ll ever happen again.

just can't see enough of motivation,especially in terms of top players and thats the biggest problem
The one-day cups I mentioned could be used as some sort of qualification system for the LAN itself. More interesting however would be if Crossfire gets some kind of agreement with the ET ESL admins about the ladder, so you have to be active in the ladder to be able to play at LAN.

First this would boost the official activity and ppl might be arsed to play again and second ESL should have some interests in providing further ET tournaments (which I think is kinda crucial, since the ESL is by far the biggest online tournament site, even if it's not really liked by ET kids :))

If just one or two teams start doing this a few months before the actual LAN event (let's hope there is another!) other teams will start praccing as well, because they would get rolled without the practise. And if a few top teams start playing like this, smaller teams will most likely follow to try and compete with the stronger teams. Atleast it has been like that the years before :-((
Yea, I agree on everything and thats how it should go. ESL ladder would a be must, site is shit but the league itself is good and definitely worth playing. The thing I hate in this community is that everyone is whining how we have no LANs,how game is dead but nobody (except few teams) is willing to actually invest time in even a little bit of praccing (lets say 3 times a week of a solid practise).... Top teams should be like an advertisement to the game and to wake up the community, but doubt that even them are willing to invest time in it.

This game could only get more active if top teams will actually start playing occassionally....from there everything can get more active there, but if you dont have a good competition at the top, there is no motivation in the game overall

Top teams winning stuff by practising -> lower player likes the idea of winning as well -> practise to get on top :-)
I disagree, all that happens when top teams don't prac (I.e. Top 3) they start falling behind while others improve (I.e. Top 8) and then others catch up.

If people want to prac, they'll prac, regardless of whether top teams are.
well thats what i mean also..?

but i want to say is that even top teams have rather poor teamplay and in that kind of condition i have no motivation to play...game seems to be dead
the top teams are only 5% (if that, depending on what you consider 'top') of the community, how they play should not affect another team's motivation :/
well it does for me, seems like there isnt any real competition,like,there is,but not the one that would make me to play et more and actually improve again
steam idea is nice but thats only good for public gamers i think?
People move from publics to competition when they're ready though
excellent idea, would be good if it would be incorperated, just 2/3 years to late ^_^
We need the moviemakers to do a tutorial
we need the admins on this page to do a dl-button
we need some1 who is able to programma little program for ze configs (isn't there already smth for cfg?)
For the video I propose Germany Eujen's brain tutorial :{DD
this should have been done ages ago ...
for all these,who say "too late" - its never too late. its the same like saying "this game is dead", which I hear for years now, yet there are great LAN around - why would there be LANs when the game is dead?

config disagree. Configs are part of ET, they are adding to the playability, a player will want to experiment with different settings. It's like advanced character powers in some RPG or smth. It makes you stick with a game for longer.

tutorial agree
the config part was for the beginners only, on the beginners package. Sure they can get into that stuff later, when they have learnt the basics
Gotta agree with this. Simple basic config that has most of the good stuff that can basicly be done under the ETPRO button ingame right? and when people get more familiar with et they will learn to script :]
ah, in this context it makes sense :)
a config don't give any kind of skill.....
im not talking about skill...
it's about another feature of the game - tweaking a config is fun.
u can do it in any game but in some games there u have to do it not in a "config" ....
in et u can change more settings then in other games but it would be realy better how urtier said that there should be only a few settings which everyone can change.
i dont agree. when i think of ET, tweaking configs, all the console stuff comes to my mind as one of the most important features of the game. removing it would really be a bad move.
very good suggestions !
6o6 still missing
Kinda gave up on that :-(

Though I actually believe some people might get back because of it. However we could also lose a couple. No idea, weird stuff!
well it looks like it's useless to even talk about it. it's funny that CF didn't make 5o5/6o6 poll as requested several times or I just missed it? I mean within 2 years or so.

I know some ppl would be interested to come back playing because 6o6 is fun unlike 5o5, but I strongly believe/know that ppl who are deciding it don't really care about it. the element of fun has been irrelevant for some time already, that's what I think.

but as said, it seems useless to talk about it.
6on6 is how ET is supposed to be played
I highly doubt that we would loose a couple of the playerbase.

Afair 5o5 has been established because it was kinda impossible to organize an ET&COD4 LAN on the same computers in Wzzrd since COD4 has been 5o5 eversince..

I m still convinced that the game is perfectly made for 6o6 and i doubt that anyone of those, who really started to love 5o5 would take this as a reason to quit..
Ye well, I was rather implying that we might lose some teams. In theory one team has to split up to get 5 6on6 teams again :)
However there should be quite some players coming back because of that, so it might not be the case! I'd love to see 6on6 back
would you consider getting back into activity again in case it was 6v6?
Definately :-D

(I'm even considering it in 5on5, quite boring sometimes during the week :-()
do you have an idea, which community members would be good to take control over the future of et?

I mean we have plenty of ideas and and plans on how to get out of the "ET is dead" story..
but it seems like this is worth shit, if we dont manage to put up a comitee of guys who could work on it.
I guess MerlinatoR and the others who were involved in the SAGE LAN and this Project Phoenix are pretty good for such tasks. They seem to know a little how to get things done. They also kinda revived some sections with the Top10 or the monthly casts on what happened lately. The Input could still come from other people and players.

There used to be this ET comittee which got flamed hard because of some decisions, however they actually came from quite some top players at that time. It's pretty complicated to get things done and you need some people from crossfire involved, who could actually include the button on the page for example.
Just to keep you from getting depressed, CF 4.0 has been in development for quite some time now. Remember the days where I asked you how we could help ET forward? I haven't given up on that. The thing is, all of that starts with CF 4.0. I'm taking the lead over this project because it is imo the core of the future. Making CF 4.0 as suited as possible for the goals we need to achieve is key. So don't give up your hopes just yet :)
cu @ prac 19,21,23 pm

Haha, sicher nicht! Maximal auch 3x die Woche :-D

Wie gehts so?

Jo bestens :)

Ich komm die Tage mal öfters online dann quatschen wir mal vorausgesetzt ich vergess es nicht. :DD
So who is going to stand up as a leader and organize most of the things and get people to gether? I would love to do that but i'm kinda new skoolish and don't have the time to work this out proper.
6on6 back , problem solved ... and now dont come with " LAAANS " .. the game needs to be good not the format ... 6on6 = more action imo...

Just get fucking 6on6 back .. thats all ... who forced us to play 5on5 ... Shitbase & CF Lan... why we didnt changed it back .. like the Quakecon team did...
i'm in discussion with STEAM about getting ET on its free download list, they need someone to make a package with everything thats necessary and pm with the finished link , and i could get it on steam....
ETTV Hosts 17
Viewer Peak 1500

THAT is ET today
ETTV Hosts ... 2
Viewer Peak ... 800 :O

ET is not what it should be like and what its made for

we need
6on6 lans
attract new players (the steam idea isnt bad)
decent anticheat (i might be wrong but it looks like slac is over after the end of team speedlink)
updates and bug removes for the game
new maps

thx for beeing so kind to read all my useless words =)
get 6on6 back and I will consider coming back myself
How would a 'GET ET'-button help? You don't really get Non-ET-players on this page anyways..
Putting it on Steam is the only thing, which would get us new players imo..

+ One should tell jaymod, etpub, etc. players about the competetive scene, where to find it, etc., I'm pretty sure that like 50% don't even know about etpro, which would be 1-2000 maybe? I guess you could find at least 100 or 200 interested in playing competetively, however it's too hard to get them into build teams and no one would build a team as a newcomer..This jaymod-cup 1 yr ago or so was a chance, but one would need to advertise such thing a lot more on servers..All in all simply too much work, nothing will happen once again.
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