Hey friends,
I know it's getting pretty late but I need you to bring me some light in this dark summer night. It would be nice if you could post your favourites mixes in here by commenting below and sharing with me. So, I'll be able to listen to them while writing epic journals.

As you may know it I'm pretty open-minded concerning music but I frigging can't stand this kind of new music DNB or whatever it's called.

image: mustachewinecorkscrew

Musically yours,


this link is missing half of the song though
Alt+F4 Alt+F4 Orginal mix
how comes you want people to believe that you are actually pulling off that mustache thing but there are no pics to prove it?
Lol, as if anyone believes that.
1) its him
2) refer to 1)
I don't understand your first point, I understand the second one, but since it relates to the first one, I'm not so sure about it either.
its him
meaning you cant use any traditional logic or reasoning
I can, I am master psychologist over Internet.
Drake-Marvins Room
Drake-Trust Issues

mellow songs for dem late nights :)
Not a mix, but i just did this for the lulz kinda, for the Eric Prydz DJ Contest mix:


I ll prolly upload the full mix soon. :)
Uploaded latest mix yesterday !
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