First ettv match

I did my ettv debute with Order I HD, which ended up as a win, Was some pressure since people thought we were the ORDER-Gaming.

But it was fun to play on Ettv, will do it again when the chance comes! :)
Yo I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish but nowadays everyone can play on ETTV.
Thanks guys =)
Congratulations, let the successful ET career begin!
was fun ye :D
you rolled so hard
not xD was so nervous rofl :p
4:07 at bremen is rolling
Oh you YPOC,its always fun to play with you at Nbs#3^^
I'm sure your 9 viewers were thrilled
Sarcasm-Meter, buy one!
gg wp was amazing to spec, much potential!
gratz. I remember my first ettv match but that was a few years ago. Great old times :)
Nice job, keep up the good work
well played hope to see more of you soon!
Congrats, keep it up! :)
Keep it real!
Thanks once again guys appriciate it ;)

Dont know when we will get on ettv next time, but hopefully soon. :)
kan ni göra ett nytt lag på please, så att ni inte spelar under order-gamings gamla lag tack puss gl hf
haha håller med :P trodde ju vargen och co skulle spela :<
Vi ska ta och fixa det till nästa gång, Jag blev själv lite förvånad när det stod ORDER-Gaming.
nice :) bra spelat i vilket fall :)
first one is always exciting
: D Just make sure you dont do ETTV too often, if you like it this much you shouldn't play on it too much, it'll take away the thrill ;-)
You got an good point there :)
cool story
congrats :=)
ah, the first ETTV match, now that was awesome :)
Why don't people ever reply to my super funny comments? =(
Because of this : Member For: 1 month and 7 days

Thank you for replying ma boi.
I feel special now =)
np I'm used to it friend
around 20replies per day
Let us all know when your next match is matey.
best ettv match of the history of ET!
gz tho, you will be nervous in the beginning but bored in the end ;p
Hehe, i See what you mean ^^
Congratz Fright :D
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