TMN - laptop too hot


Every single time I play Trackmania Nations, my laptop gets way too hot (even after 5 minutes). How can I deal with this problem?

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Put the laptop in the fridge while playing.

u need something like:

image: laptop_cooler02_01


image: RmBxf
get bettor leptop
dont play it lol :D
Deal with it like this...

image: Girl_beer_LegSweep
made my day! :D
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funny guy.

everytime i drive my car it loses fuel. how do i deal with this?
oh mai god u almost made me laugh. So funnieh
eeh be creative for once?
run the game on 1 core.
I guess you have an on-board video card... :p
Try opening it and removing the dust from the fans (with a vacum cleaner for ex)
Put icecubes on it.
buy a polarbear to sit on ur laptop
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image: 1301329049_soccer-celebration-fail-punch-in-the-face
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Open up your laptop and remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner and buy a laptop cooler, you can probably get one for 30 euro's. And install speedfan to monitor your temps.
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