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Good afternoon,

In 2 weeks, our new soccer season will start and I would like to have a basic condition before we start our more extensive trainings.
Is there someone who can help me with this?
(No fitness, swimming can be included)

Thanks in advance.
thought u wanna talk about conditioner :DDD
huh? wtf is this? ask your coach!
He said: "I am not giving you any program, because you can find millions of it on internet", but seeing that my searching skills are weak, I have a problem :(
wtf? wat a shit coach u have. rofl

or maybe...

cool story bro
cant believe u r only realizing that now

run 5 km every day, try to run 15 mins faster then prev day <= works for me, u have to set up ure own thing based on ure current condition etc
I would like to have a bit of variation in my exercises. Otherwise, it sucks too hard.
i mix it up with mountain biking and casual games of basketball and soccer so :<
How is that working?

Let's say you run the 5km at a moderate speed of 10km/h -> 30 minutes for 5km

The next day you want to be 15 minutes faster, that's 15 minutes in total for 5km. You would have to run at 20km/h for that.

usually when i do that it mean i havent done anything for at least 6+ months so ill probly do about 1 and a half to 2 hours the first 3-4 days and after that i try to do it 10-15 mins faster till im at a 10-20 mins for 5 km
5km is 19 min and 17 sec for me cant do that 15 min fasterxD? lulz
let me share with the inferior minds 1 picture of my 1GB lifehacks collection

image: running+endurance+training

trained twice and the i run a halbmarathon. first train run was 15,5 km and second was 12-13 km


the trick is: don't walk and it's a headthing :>
i dont follow those bullshitz lool
in two weeks? good luck
find air conditioner
lift it onto ur shoulder
run, dont stop
try fitness boxing.

first go for once a week, then go for twice a week.

most exhausting sport i have ever experienced.

squash is also nice, but not for full body

e: two weeks rofl
research interval training! and to be honest 2 weeks is not guna make that much of a difference.
Well, it's not that I haven't done any sport since years. We just had a break of 2 months, so I guess it is doable to get a 'basic condition' in 2 weeks.
yea i guess so fair enough then. personally im using the summer to get even fitter than i was before. Although ive got a 3 month break so running twice a week 8km and 17km then gym twice a week to ;)
2 weeks..? useless
Die belgen snappen er niks van.
You should have given more infos about your current fitness level or even division/playing position which you play in. It's a bit different to program for a guy who has cooper over 3100 m or something closer to 2500 meters.

If you are in decent condition I would advice you to do 3 hard practices at first week and 4 hard practices 2nd week. On both weeks take 2 totally "free" days and one restoring easy jog which is only to help you recover.

You can research interval training if you want (especially if you're a striker or winger without defence responsibility), but it's only two weeks so I would advice you to do mainly running with quite "constant speed". The best way to improve running is to run, so rather swim after the two week period, remember to always keep your training resembling your sport.

So tuesday 35 min at 75% of your max heartrate, thursday same and sunday 25 min at 80-85% of your max. hr.

One longer and lighter (55-60% of max hr.) jog/walk on friday for example

Add one run more to 2nd week if you feel like doing more, 3 hard practices are enough also.

PS. Btw, it's football not soccer ;)

PPS. If you are in bad condition this program is too hard for you, so just do 2 (25-40 min) run/jog with 60-75% of your max heartrate and 2 lighter walks (4-8 km).
Hiio hoi again! :P

I hope we see each other more often at irc, this crossfire chatting is so slow and impractical. You should join more often.

How's your "nerding" going now? :) Got time to play ET as well now like you said?
im there at evenings mostly ;)

hahah ye i try to find back to the game. just bit pubbing atm since i lost all skill iv ever had imo^^
nah its working good but im to shy to play :PP
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