razz vs eujen at ctf

so after the troll vs almighty we lost 4.0 and razz was blaming me for the game
now he said come 1 vs 1 this server he gona roll me

so kresti joined under my name and was rolling him hard 4.0 for me (kresti) :D

i even joind server last 2 min with nick REAL EUJEN he didnt read it :D

kamz was allways keeping me on comms so i know what was hapening to troll him like
eujen: ye eat this shit you noob or
eujen: how do you enjoy the roll ?

well anyway cheers


edit: now he wants rematch vs kresti :D
edit:we all love razz i hove he sleeps well
ahahaha razz been rolled! he mad?
haha kresti powner :D
trolled hard
and now they tell me he was using god mode after all that fucking whine -_-
:D you wish!
dude how old are you, you look very childish on that picture m8 :p
he has some swagger
ye lil br33za
wat wil je nu van hem? kan hij toch niets aan doen.. + hij heeft dat nu al 2038203823 x gehoord
Hij kan er wel wat aan doen? Je bepaalt toch zelf wat voor kleding je koopt. En overigens bij RazZ meer vitamine eten :PpppP
wat is er mis met z'n klere dan?:P en idd dat kan die wel doen ja Xd
Je kan je toch volwassen aankleden :p
ja maar dat maakt hem geen 10 jaar ouder :d
Nicest player?
eujen bruv u did 6 kills in goldrush defence... not really impressive.
image: demotivational-posters-have-you-ever-been-so-mad

oh he must be crazy mad
haha trolled :Dd
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