Cherry´s first 6er

Today i played an awesome 3on3 with froxe and hastaaf and something unbelievble happened... I did a 6er killing spree and a little spree of defusing dynamite .. im so excited and happy.. i need to share it
So here we go .... enjoy my first clips... sry for nade cam... but i dont know how to disable it <-- 6er kill <-- defusing spree

Shoutout to Kamz <3 thx babe xD

let the flame begin xD

Greetz Cherry
11/10 for strafe ^^
ding ding ding
nice movement, can you teach me?
against jaymoders, good job

e: to all these faggots saying that youre awesome: STOP TRYING TO GET IN HER PANTS FUCKING CANCERNERDS
awesomely awesome
loooool them defuses ;d
the demo controls info window tells press ALT for more options, there you can find how to turn off nadecam.
i was a bit blind.. was my first time.. but now i know xD
i want that cfg :s
whats your offer? :D
but you got herpes :o)
good joke , i got big silicon lips , u j3lly?
big silicon lips with herpes?
me jelly now
nice Billy vids :XD
so you will get a higher average nice post count jsut cuz you a girl, and i think this is stupid so ill give some random flame, ATTENTIONWHORE WTF YOU ARE AWFULL WHY YOU POST THIS.. nothing personal
The headshot in the end ruined this otherwise flawless feat of gaming
6 vids of your dog? :D
love my doggy :D
BAM thats how its done!
boom g5 baby
good for you
high skill is high skill
what? kitchen? what?
hahaha boss
jaymod oppos lol
our opponent claimed to be "med". One of the opponents was harmony? or something + 2 randoms? Unfortunately, they weren't really brained enough to challenge us :(
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so awesome, should be in news-section oO
strafing skills and the amount of headshots blew me away.

no not really, what a piece of crap clips u have there bitch
Good job killing some low- and making a video of it, fucking white knights everywhere.
lmaooooooooooo @ defuse spree x))))
silly allies
niiiiiiiiiiiiice Cherry!!!
Was expecting your first 6 incher.
here's a good one get on your friends facebook and post on his gf/sisters wall

"hey i was trying to brush my tongue but i kept wretching, how do you suppress your gag reflex?"
same, had my bucket ready to throw up in
GRATZ!! Awesome!
nice cherry!
u made a 7er
6er is a 6er
no matter the skill imo :D
i like ur billy videos more!
Love the strafe jumping skills in the second movie (first 10 sec). Like a motherfucking hurricane.
You obviously like Billy.
these headshots are unbeliveable
nice strafes :)
too many friendly comments in this journal. you have to be female

edit: was right :3
good catch :D

whole journal changed
too many hs :D
stop those crazy hs :(((
tbh, I don't (rly?) care about your video. I just think most of the people here are dumb. They all say wow, awesome and nice just because you are a girl. It's pathetic. I mean WTF. if siril was a girl, he would be famous already..
if u posted this, they would flame the shit out of u
i remember you posting crap frag movies you made at cybergames public, that was fuckin funny!!! you was like seareal, only worse!!!
they are being sarcastic u dumb piece of frog
Sir, i think you got trolled :)
worst come back ever made on cf

Looking dumb and then throw the old, "LOL I TROLL U XDD"
You are a bob anyway, and you hate me, but it's ok :)
stop using dumb excuses when u fail then
rofl wat a dumbass
didnt watch, gj
best part was at 0:28
better than night.
I wonder if she's picking up on the sarcasm in this journal
against low+ max, np
And I thought it's about relaxo and waking it up with a fluit :o)
reminded me of gohan at guru's place!
should become friends with sereal
keep up the good work
thought you won the lottery <.>

prolly wont be the last reply
Cancer whore needs something fit chicks have.
iam proud
as I said on teamspeak, nice defuse's. :)
haaha, those defuses were epic :D
They seem to be very skilled.
made vs lowbobs :X gratz u must be really proud now
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