Steelseries Ikari Laser

Anyone here with this mouse, willing to help?
Whats best settings for this mouse? Or whats yours?

Shit mouse.

Use 400 DPI and least possible correction (straight lines shit off).
I kinda like it.
800CPI, max to straight.
best gif since a while :P
this is why we need individual post hiding.
I know right! can hide all the other posts in this journal and leave only mine up :)))
who is she btw :D? redhair <3
image: 400_F_27634072_H6lfrPGgosV2JCxJTv0TrH4mDgXtyUW6
I really liked the shape of it, the engine could've been a tad better. I think it had some tiny positive acceleration problems, but nothing that really ever bothered me.
got optical, running at default and 800cpi but hey :]
heard that mouse has fu*6 up polling rate, etc... That sensor is just crappy crap.
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