Left 4 Dead 2

Are there any Left 4 Dead 2 players here, who sometimes wanna play survival or any mode?

if so, pmme here :>
only got nonsteam version
but i gotta say coop-mode on highest difficulty level is epic fun
I got L4D2

I could go for some realism expert mode
Dear Mr. Flying insect: how is it that out of all that vast, empty, free space, you manage to fly in through my tiny window, yet can't get back out again, amirite?
Played the shit out of Versus, its the only good gamemode and even it is only tolerable when playing with familiar companion / clan.

If you like Survival, buy Killing Floor. It sends your blood rushing.
I can play every mode pm me when you want :D
me and Italy vegeta play l4d2 occasionally
Got l4d and l4d2 but playing Fear 3 atm :D Nice co-op in campain and multi for 1-4 players. You need to survive 20 waves on 1 of 3 difficult lvl and 3 other gamemodes.

Fuck my english :P
I sometime play L4D
avi, add c3x
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