Nevo dead?

its been dead quite a while now
Imma tell you the greatest story of all time
a young seeker(let's call it karnaj) was born with the mission to kill the biggest evil of all time(let's call it nevo). he tried hard and he succeeded. Now just look at this and you'll see that I speak the truth and nothing else:
image: karnaj
what did he do?
Don't tell me you didn't see the journals you attentionwhore flopjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :>
Well i just woke up checked the site of them coz of heatchallange shit if there is smth new and saw this .. so no i didnt see it ;)
nevo over? by oizaL

nevo not going huge af... by miNd

open your eyes, open your mind!
Its dead now, for a while.

* nevo\Raven is now known as WinFakt|Raven.
Gl with WinFakt mate :)
NeVo dead and the only comment is from...


so obvious
Sooner than I thought Oo
am i supposed to give a flying fuck?
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