Riga, Latvia

This is meant mostly for Latvian people, but any other help from someone is also welcomed.

So, me and my buddies are thinking of going to Riga during the 12-14th. It's the next weekend. And we would like to know where could we find the cheapest places to stay.

We really only need to sleep and that's it, doesnt have to be anything fancy at all. It could also be like a camping place near the city but the transport shouldnt cost too much. We will drive with our own car, but when we hit the clubs everybody will be drunk, so we wouldnt have a driver. So if there's a possibility with public transport to a camp place, it should be okay too.

And ofc you can suggest some good clubs/pubs which to visit in Riga. Everything is welcomed.
cool man being drunk in forign country acting c00l
Have fun there man ;)
went there in 2009 :D

We drank on a friday and thought why not go to riga tommorrow. and the next thing you know we were drinking in the Old city of Riga :D

But we cant sleep in a car anymore with 4 people. It's too much for us old folks now :( :D
Need info too about Riga since it is so cheap to fly there, though atm we are going with Finland Tampere--> Germany Bremen--> Netherlands Dam--> Germany Bremen--> Finland Tampere. At mid septemper.
flying our from Riga is prolly the cheapest idd.
Finland Tampere--> Riga = under 20€ there and back ^^ Costs more to drive to airport (~500km)
If you live in Tampere then you're FinlandWoony's neighboor. :)
I dont :/ Finland Oulu, ~500km to the north.
sweet home tampere
where did you buy your tickets? which airline do you take?
Havent bought yet, will buy from ryanair. And we decided to go to Riga, then we dont have to waste time nor money to the train.
Went there last year with Ryanair just to party with my friends.
Stayed 3 nights at funkyhostel :p Riga is cheap as fuck, girls are easy and even easier if u say u're from Monaco. Only prob are the bums and the 14-15y olds junks at night who gang up :p

The club to visit is Club Essential. Went there 2 times, 1 time no prob but 2nd time there was a big waiting line and we were lucky to get in (we were last allowed cause it was packed). We also partied hard at Skandal on our last evening and club Push. The Skyline bar is nice to get a look over the city but pretty expensive if I recall corectly and more for older people enjoying a drink. I liked the Cuba Café which had rly good cocktails and happy hours too :p
Oh and ofc the Jockey Club, a stripclub we visited the 1st day to give my mate a lapdance for his bday but in Riga it's not hard to find girls who do that for free we soon discovered...

The girls we met are still sending text messages...
Lol, read above :D

When we went there, we visited the same club(was told it was the best) and almost the same pubs/bars there :D:D Epic lol :D:d

But how much did it cost for the night @ ur place( could you give link or the full name of the hostel )?

Thanks :)
just funkyhostel.com :)

was around 15 EUR I guess per person/night
cheap places you say?well, actually, im working in a hotel as a waiter but it's not too cheap(about 60 euros for the cheapest single room). You have to search for some non-rated small hotels in old Riga. For example, yesterday I met some estonians in old Riga and went drinking with them to their hotel called Ala Hostel. Wasn't rated, cheap but good looking and in a good location.

For clubs-don't go to mainstream clubs like Essential or Push (pretty much every club sigur suggested). They often cheat foreigners. There's a club called Četri Balti Krekli or CBK (in english four white shirts). Fun club, easy and many girls :)

Anyway, if you're looking for someone to help you tour trough the clubs, hit me up, i will pm you my number ;)
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