Slac server in local network

Few months ago this wasnt (or didn't seem to be) possible.

Is it possible now to host a slac server in your own network and then be able to connect to it? Has anyone figured out a way to do this?

Any help would be appreciated.

i don't want to host it somewhere as i have a 50/50 fiber and a server running.

endless "Awaiting Auth" for the lan users, wan users can connect though.
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SLAC isn't usable in a completely offline location (it needs to be able to contact the master server over internet), but as long as the server (and the connecting clients) has access to the web I can't see why not.

Btw is that q3fill in your profile?
he's not talking about an offline server but just a local server (hosted on his own PC and network)
Ah, so he means when the server has the same IP you do?
yep, chaplja said it was a bug from his server add-on and will have a look at it.
source :

Am I right in assuming that the bug only concerns Windows?
I don't see any Linux serveradmins complaining there.
You are right :) he said the bug only concerned the windows add-on.

Quote by chapljaI see now, the problem is in the port. There is a bug in the windows version of the slac addon, I'll take a look at it and try to fix it.
Oh, well, I can think of one obvious solution then :P
trying another port ? :XD
e: or getting linux yeah..
Server is on .5 and my pc is .2. so different pc's

everyone from outside my network (wan) can connect, but anybody inside the lan can't.
Ah that's not the problem sadFace linked then.
Anyway if the WAN address is the same for your computer and the server, and you're getting kicked by SLAC, try using a different net_port on the client than your server uses.
Also try asking Chaplja personally on IRC, because that *should* be possible.
I think it is cuz even if his server is hosted on another PC, the IP remains the same for both
That shouldn't be a problem, really.
well it is : < and when i made a topic a few months ago, others confirmed this.

just endlessly stuck on "Awaiting Auth"
Yeah, it might be, but it shouldn't. I recommend contacting Chaplja.
haha yea that was q3fill :) and that screenshot must be a couple of years old. good times
nope, chaplja said he would fix it but he still didn't do it :( it will be fixed with the next add-on release I suppose :)

I even tried to host the serv on my network connected thru a VPN with a NL IP and then connect to my own serv with my normal IP but it didn't work. I tried everything possible but still getting "IP mismatch" or something when joining my own server.
yea... it sucks :) lets hope that this guy can fix it soon....

i'd like to host it myself
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