My e-sorrow

Hey friends AnonymousCrossfire users,

I know it's saturday and I've just come home since I was chilling the whole day with my cousins. Anyway, I wanted to browse AnonymousCrossfire after checking (because Ligue1 starts today) and this came to my eyes :

QuoteSnatix has removed you from his buddylist !

I was kinda confused because I forgave him after getting backstabbed and I believe in second chance. After joining my e-friend Sweden/Polandbaq linked me to]this link[/url]. Apparently, +240 people will never join this channel since they are my e-friends and they haven't backstabbed me for some random rule on the internet. MarseilleLeFrancis thanks you for being loyal and hope to see you soon on where we could hang on with a beer and a couple of bitchez nice girls. This is a safe place where everyone's op because I know you ain't mothafuckas bad guys.

Well, I hope I brighten your day with my journals even if some people think they are retarded but some guys have a bad opinion about me. I've changed a lot those last days and thanks god some guys have noticed it and support me : link. I hope my efforts will bring a new breath of fresh air into W:ET. Same goes with my shoutcast I'm currently e-working a lot to bring new ideas.

So, I'm kinda sad to get backstabbed for the second time on the internet by the same guy but still I appreciate your support.

Because I think to the lazy cunts :

TL;DR Sad to get backstabbed again, Ive changed a lot, did many efforts, I appreciate your support.

I'm glad to see thunderstorm hasn't made my computer shut down while I was writing so I offer you a little image: sexy_hot_girl_69.

e-Lovely yours,

MarseilleLeFranciS - LIKE A BO double S.

EDIT : FrancePapii didn't backstab me it's a terrible misunderstanding. He had the following to say :
QuoteSnatix: talkin about retards
Snatix: KRP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> u
:{D Le Francis: tu peux dire je suis tanguy et japprouve ce message
:{D Le Francis: ?
Snatix : I am Tanguy and I approuve this message

So I'm happy to see noone in my buddylist betrayed me, <33333 so much e-love!

Edit2: Superstars like Czech RepublicmilhAus & United KingdomFumble & Polandmikeh joined to show me they aint mothafuckas
this needs some ass :(
como um patrão
la gente esta muy loca
you're proving my point here.
I doubt he knows what that means.
First, I'd need to pay attention to "his point" to know what it means.
Yet you do not, and are thus proving his point.
plain h8 ?
I dont hate, I dislike
fair enuff
alcohol will make you feel better.
I only drink alcohol when I'm on a good mood. Mostly during parties.
It's sad for you that you get backstabbed again, you've changed a lot and did many efforts
ill never backstab u bro! <3
ok touching story
Finnish boy wearing Marseilleflag means a lot for me
Big fan of you since I can't even remember.
Big fan of ur internet since i cant even remember.
Big fan of your double jj's on your name since ever.
Kiitos kaveri.
S'il vous plaît, le gars.
bestest friend
QuoteSnatix removed you as a buddy!

Papii, I am disappoint!
look le buddylist
2nd time already
ye but this time, cause i deleted everyone, even my true buddies like you D:
i dont need to be on a list to know you love me :)

<333333333 is stronger than h88888888
fail link?
tu peux fermer ta gueule?
non tabernacle!
I wish I was this t shirt
they can't handle your E-fame, tho they just actin in hatin
Hope to see you on someday so we could discuss while drinkin a beer
Won't refuse your offer! May just take a while, since I am busy as hell
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