No more Clanbase, ESL

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This is a new E-Sports league specifically targeted for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

I started this project because I am not satisfied with the way Clanbase nor ESL work. It is a community focused project, therefore no 5on5, but 6on6. The 5on5's I have played have always been meh, the 6on6's on the other hand have always been great fun. The rules allow any map to be played, however as soon as the map is not in the official maps list, both teams will have to agree on playing it.
Currently the project is in its alpha beta stage, I haven't finished the most basic of features. I haven't been working on any awesome features rather than the essential, because I first want to let the community know and find out if there is some actual interest in the project. If so I will develop it further and I will also register an actual domain name, the site currently rests on my own homepage.

Apart from the extreme flame this journal is going to get, for the guys that take this serious, I suggest taking a look at the rules section and how you can schedule matches. The system is snappy and easy to use.

Things that it can:
  • Register users, teams
  • Join a ladder with the team
  • Challenge other teams
  • Notification center, when one of your teams is challenged
  • Make you smile, because it works easily

Some things that are not yet implemented:
  • Private messaging system ( Mostly going to be used for notifications and already got that implemented.. crossfire is more for the social stuff )
  • Forums? ( Rather would use crossfire for something like that )
  • Several features on managing teams, matches
  • Better team admin system, currently only the team creator can kick, accept / create challenges.
  • More..

As you can see its basic, but the most important things have been done.

Another point, I am still looking for a good name, people who are insane here is your chance to come up with something cool: Quartz? ENL? ( ET's Next league ) -- Some quick ideas

e: Another thing I forgot to mention, this league is targeted for any skill level. I want to make it easier and more open for new players to come enjoy the community here. A downloads section will aid this.
gl trying
Nice work! Hope to play in it soon :)
I don't see whats wrong with cb, they will change to 6o6 after the community demands it.
If my "league" makes that happen more quickly than without it, then at least I have reached one of my goals.
Problem being, the community doesnt have the balls to demand anything.
they like the game too much.
rage from a cheating 17 year old ex-banned player

good luck, i'm sure the community is behind you!
I clearly understand the title then! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Ex-banned cheaters making new ET leagues, ET IS DEAD, GARYM8!!!!!
I will help you with grafic design if this works out good :)
What happened to killerboy? Never seen him since one year ago
His comment lays above yours ;)
quit ET over a year ago, don't have enough time or motivation anymore, Uni and RL too much for me :(
we need Warleagues back
we need good CB sups!
doesnt sound too serious tho, starting with the title
Sounds good, but leave the insults about rivaling sites out of it, it gives an unprofessional vibe. Just concentrate on including the features that can't be found in other leagues. The rules look great.

Avi for admin if the project gets further.
ENL sounds good tbh :P
kan dan misschien beter "WNL" ofzoiets doen, dit lijkt wel erg veel op ESL :P en het is niet wnb bedoelt >.>
klinkt beide goed ;)
Yhteyden aikakatkaisu
Palvelin osoitteessa vastaa pyyntöihin liian hitaasti.

Looking good
Sorry about that, the server is having trouble handling all those requests ( some other service is currently running on it ), if the project gains some momentum I will move it to a more stable web server. Try again now.
Bold title. Gl.
The desing needs fresher look:<
What would you suggest? Actually did this in a hurry as I wanted to announce the project.
I like it! GL man
gl man, ziet er goed uit!
Nice project. Hope you will adapt your behaviour to the fact that you are a league-admin now.
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enough said
Good luck with this :)
For every match SLAC anti cheat is required. If the player is using Linux or Mac OS X then the player does not have to use SLAC.

read on, there is a good way of determining whether the player is using a Mac. I don't want to exclude anyone from playing.

As for Linux, I don't know what the status of TZ AC for Linux is.
Linux can open Windows in a window so np. Mac -> go fuck yourself. :D
Mac OS X is also a unix variant, the kernel even has BSD code. However I don't know what the results are of running ET on wine, I know Punkbuster wasn't able to handle it
23:37 Regius`Goku • what about the linux client btw? :P
23:37 khaplja • like i said before, not possible atm
23:37 khaplja • big games are priority atm
23:38 • nomore highlighted you in #vo.p on QuakeNet: they are not Goku
23:38 khaplja • i have not been getting paid for way too long and i can only get some proper revenue with larger userbase
Heb nog steeds haat aan die noob, dat gezeik met die update is ook echt te gek voor worden. Hij snapt niks over een goede interface / gebruikers ervaring maken..

dit is verder wel slecht nieuws, het is vervelend dat ik niet iedereen kan toelaten...
nice! waiting to play :)
Good luck with that
gl with that
gl finaly 6v6 again!!!
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