let's save ET

By bringing quality admins like Homer back!

Everyone pm Homer on IRC (NE`Homer/zZz^Homer_OFF) and ask him to come back!


if enough people asks him, he'll be back and bring 6on6 back to EC!

you can find him at #NORDIC-eSport
+1 cause it wouldn't help anything only one more of this boring 3on3 nc ...
consider it done
orrrrrr you can do smthin on ur own
top teams not signing up for 5v5
& just go play 6v6..
arn't you a quality admin ?
I'm not ESL/CB connected :)
you'r not anymore *
was just ref in CB
You WERE connected with CB, you WERE cnnected wit gtv...
said enough
I'm still connected with gtv and left CB just yesterday as I'm not happy with their latest decisions :)
what decision?
Oh you'r not happy :(
sab boy
how are your tzac rights btw?
we have Robaciek as admin, now we need Killerboy back
btw where is he?
e: this is really no troll. i dont know it.
goddamn leave Homer alone everyone needs reallife :D
let's get killerboy back

ok, bad joke
just needs some big teams to play 6v6 again now : ))
nice x) may have to start watching a few games D:
Why sad face? :o
You see a sad face???? ;P
D: is like ):
6on6 kills this game
oooh yeh.

way better admin than you :D
let's get killerboy back, and Homer ; D
killerboy and bulld0g were the best 2 admins ever, either two of them would do the job quite well. Homers more 3o3?
You can't me more wrong mate :) Homer was never a 3o3 admin, he did only one tournament in that format - 3on3NC. He has done a lot of EuroCups, some OC and SC's.
Hii guys bad news, i cannot do a comeback and have already written my resignation to clanbase this week (one year too late i know) but yeah, i'm not left with many options, when i first joined here i was 16 and now i'm almost 21 so i've had to take the decision and cannot afford dedicating my team to e-sports anymore as it obviously won't bring me dinner on the table.

I leave all my trust in Homer and don't do the mistake you did last time guys, being an admin is NO fun, bashing admins is always fun and self-fulfilling but how much can an admin take before getting demotivated.

Also, you will need Merlinator as an admin.

Last and final thing, if you want ET to move on (with $$), go ESL, yes, that's coming from a die hard CB admin, if you want ET to move on, ESL is the only change. CB is more of a better place to practice matches and find wars easier with better activity but remember CB has supported ET for 8 years so after all be thankful for that, even if it was the wrong choice in reality.
The guys right. ESL is the way forward. I haven't played ET proeperly since 2006, and I agree. ESL is getting huge with all the CSS players. ANNDD with a new CS in the works to come soon, it's going to get a surge of players... and if enough poeple show interest ET will be listed on their main site as a free download... which let's face it... any real gamer will play a good free game. = save et.
bringing homer back to et is like giving cancer to somebody who has aids
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