miiiq Wallhacking on Nbs

Dear gamers,

the player "miiiq" has been wallhacking on our Nbs servers and got busted.
Credits fly out to Nbs| Kaos for recording and supplying the demos.

On the first demo it is partially obvious that miiiq is wallhacking while using SMG.
The second demo clearly shows his wallhacks which he tries to hide, unfortunately its too obvious with his rifle.

You can download the two demos in total size of 5mb's here:
Click here to download it from MediaFire!

In case anyone is interested in his connection details, I have supplied the GUID of him below:
GUID: 708EF625DD174B7DF9B329C69A877895

We are constantly improving Nbs, if interested you are invited to join our servers.
IP's can be found under the following link: Click Me!


Shoutout to miiiq: See you on cf
It kind of explains why you are a disgusting fail on wars but frag everyone on public servers. 4 months of records in Nbs, and not a single time on SLAC/TZAC.
avi or gtfo
i used bimbot on your server quite a few times
Me too, as an etbot
You are invited to do it again, audience awaits you.

If I catch you, you will end up the same as the others on our servers.
Can you write up a proper sentence? I have troubles catching the point in your sentence.

If you didn't notice, it was ironic what I have written.
Look bro, your efforts are in vain. PB/ETPro GUIDs haven't been used for banning from CB or any other league since SLAC was released. Actually, ETPro GUIDs were dumped way before that.

Especially while my kid brother can spoof them both on your completely practically unprotected servers.

So sorry, TZAC or stop wasting time.
I don't play publics much anymore and my cheating days are over. :)
ahhahaha busted fucking cheater
it's kinda weird really, people always complained about me cheating when i wasn't and never said anything when i used wallhack & aimbot
QuoteWe are constantly improving Nbs

Nice troll, 10/10.
Anyway, if it takes you guys this long to bust ONE guy, then I say that you'll have busted every cheater in Nbs by...let's say December 2359
Reason might be that he quits before an admin appears?? Logs showing his first appear time though.
That doesn't explain the many many times I've seen cheaters there, uncaught.
Also, you have ''admins'' that spend ~6h a day in servers doing nothing useful.
Anyone reported was banned.

We count 594 bans with miiiq. He wanted to see himself on crossfire, so I granted him his wish, since he been sitting on the talk for quite a while.

I also know that some of our admins are pretty much brainless, but we cleaned up. Kicked a handful of members and no longer recruiting randoms or players with any relations to cheats back in time.
Correction: I also know that most of our admins are pretty much brainless*

There is however, a quite simple solution: tzac enforcement.
We reacted to that TZAC suggestion.

Nbs does have a TZAC enforced server, too. Right now we are counting 8 servers and will add soon more TZAC ones in future on my dedicated.
Yes yes, and that 1 tzac server is empty, while the old more popular non tzac servers are full (of cheaters)
As soon as the configuration of that server is completely finished, we will advertise for it and force players to connect there through auto-redirects in case a server is full.

I, or any other head admin of our clan, will announce it on crossfire of course.

May I ask what your player name is on Nbs and when you have played the last time there?
Just out of curiousity.
Player name: ya boi Jorge, Jorge, 999@Jorge, |999|Jorge etc etc..
Last time: minimum 2 weeks ago, @holidays.
I also added you to my buddy list. No reason.

I will pull out the rest of the bans and share them here, too.
Tbh, I bet that 75% of those bans are aimbot caught cheaters, because wallhackers are yet uncaught, except for slac/tzac.
I'm just saying, Nbs are the most popular eptro public servers, and the ones with most cheaters as well.
Aimbotters are automatically banned on Nbs.
My serverside anticheat I have developed analyzes the maximum possible chance in which you could get multiple kills with a specific amount of headshots and accuracity.
If suspicious events occur more than 2 times, it will enforce a subnet ban for that player. Right now we are having no false-positives.

Actually around 60% of our bans are by admins for wallhack. We have active ones which are taking care of such players. I could name for instance: Emporio, Daedalus, Kaos, geit, busta, wingy, swkippy, and a handful more.

I will try to enhance the gameplay on nbs and reduce the amount of cheaters. For instance on final stage, I will share my panel with several clans. Developing on it for over 14 months now.
Unfortunately, I don't think I've ever seen any of the admins you've said.
I simply see retards like karl and other Nbs tag using idiots trying to be e-cool.
Karl made me giggle, people always naming him first.
Seems like he's the cause for a bad clan image.

Well, this talk seems to be leading to nowhere.
I hope you will see some of our smart admins in future, at all it was a nice talk.
Same, would be a shame to see servers with so much potential being wasted.
Was a nice talk, now beddy time =))
Good night bud!
i'm enjoying playing on this server since some days now. its nice for shooting prac :)
keep it on!
"My serverside anticheat I have developed"

Serverside anticheat, made my day. And also, copy / pasting LUA scripts and renaming them to your own "framework" isn't cool nor respectful. I'm sure I have seen this before. Prove me wrong and I'll be happy to apologize. Also the fact that you subnet-ban is the most stupid method I have ever seen.

PS, nobody cares about cheaters nowadays.
well done
care about cheaters on pub
make server tzac only> profit??
why do i read ming
this is .... just bullshit :XDDDD
change to tzac server
or gtfo
well idc if he did, but u arent fuckin allowed to make his ip public, btw^^
Didn't see anything in guidelines which does not allow it.
government ;)
Well I removed it, due to a private request. Shouldn't have shared private information at all, at this point a sorry goes to miiiq.
its nice u made his pbguid public.. now everyone can spoof it...
Your IP is so public it's considered a slut. From where would you think it's not allowed to post it?
I guess in Germany they have some stupid law preventing IP disclosure. Privacy laws here are crazy
Guess we have to delete all the old busted forum topics from bulld0gs/killerboy's time?
they just showed the first 2 numbers and yes i know they allrdy say enough ...
Oldschool bust
the next kill3rboy
Good job kaos & mSc, about time that guy got banned :D
QuoteIt kind of explains why you are a disgusting fail on wars but frag everyone on public servers. 4 months of records in Nbs, and not a single time on SLAC/TZAC.
Everyone here on CF frags everyone on your public :P
:DDDDD ok!
oh really ? :D
.avi or gtfo
Good job kaos & mSc !
fuck off, mSc anticheat tool in server or sumthin like dat. SERIOUSLY :XD
Care meter low -|---------------------------- high
Omg what a fail!;D he never cheats, just have skill;D omg!:D
soo first demo is nice fail! :XD i was allies and on PUB the most axis stay on east ...

then check the sounds in the game... i never run...

so pls ban me on ur NO TZAC server... and get brain...
pubowner <3333333
there are to unbrained and unskilled for this game °!° same shit on PB server all say WH :D

ET iz izi with Brain !!!!
Nice Crosshair on guys throught walls dude. :)
Quit talking miiiq.. Even your own brother admits that you are cheating. Get Weeed into this talk. He is more mature with his 17 years than you with your 22 years hiding stuff behind your computer.
Be happy that I didn't leave your IP to the polish ping club around here.

Anyway, Nbs turns TZAC in the next few days, so haters can still keep hating.
Rest is invited to play if they are not already busted and banned. I will lift the other demo-proven bans of course and leave it to TZAC.
Du Dummschwätzer...

1. we3D kann dir nie gesagt haben das ich hack weil es nicht stimmt!
2. bin ich nicht 22 :D...
3. juckt mich nicht was du mit deinem assi server machst...
This is bullshit.
der ist zu low zum cheaten omfg
entiendo que solo en espanol.
just bullshit :)
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