Jinosta Morning Journal?

Hey ain't really been on this much and seen as no one else did a morning journal thought i'd make one for funzies!

I've just started college last week so been having fun meeting the new people in the course doing digital media computing. Only doing wednesday to friday full time course.

Nothing to do yet today but thinking of making a poker night at my house try win some more money.

What are your plans for today?

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MarseilleLeFrancis back in university to roll some bitchez and share my awesomness.
Bonjour monsieur.
Noice show em your the boss ye?
Will do so m8
goood morning. noor made a morning journal but np i do the copy/paste function :)

ok just short summary. good morning :)
had a great weekend. saw some rl old friends of me. had bday party of my best friend. we went to party on saturday. i was back after 8hours non stop dancing sunday lunchtime^^
it was great location. next to water sun was shining, music was playing. we had all i ever wanted. :)

today overslept a BIT. highwar. accident... didnt move. needed half hour more to job,. finally here to finish month end. boss not here soooo hopefull end at 5...

song cause it sums up the weekend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdZUOTHolrM&feature=related
Niceeeee i love dancing when out at pubs and clubs :)
Pity in Scotland they're only open till 3 am! Lightweight Scots!
i left at 10am and party wasnt even over. party was till 8pm on sunday :)

i love berlin <3
I still maintain that anybody to the right of the Rhine is impossible to understand! Hoch Deutsch is ok, platdeutsch auch.. aber Deutsch aus osten deutschland :E:E:E:E:E:E:E
fuck u! i love my berliner style :PP
When I think of a Berliner, they're covered in sugar and like to be eaten!

For the one track minded people, talking about a doughnut.
hahahaha well im seet as sugar 2 :D
*Throws in the towel*
where did you go?

baaAAM! :DDDd

daniel bortz aka aka holgi&toni haupt it was awesome! ;) its arena! badeschiff!
sounds great but stuttgart :)

next event next weekend! http://spreepiraten-berlin.de/
and an open air!
song is too much today. so much electro at weekend :p

check out superpingpong. its dj duo (holgi star and toni haupt) which are both awesome alone as well. ! and jake the rapper :x fucking great !
just fyi ill be there at ur place next year for sure. :) so they should be alot of parties as well.

btw this guys were live opener at weekend. great stuff! http://soundcloud.com/matanza
=o birmingham has some decent clubs, and we get some big names coming occasionally! which month do you think you will come?
when it isnt that cold!!! id like to stay outside when goin to party as u may noticed ;)
it's always cold in the uk :<
Well thats pretty much means you won't be coming to the UK at all!!

That being said, Nature one in Germany was FREEZING this year.
seems like a good weekend :P
it was. lost ~3kilos just cause of the heat and dancing :DDDd
and i didnt even spend money :PP
hot girls never spend money duh :)
morning Jino

last driving lesson today.
morning lady have fun with last lesson and good luck with test :)
thx thx =D
Sup brother! How's it bangin

Gonna search for work 2day, cause campin on the corners 24/7 isn't bringin me anywhere!
oh you^^
you could cean my floors
clean your punata
all better today? :)
no not really
sup boy? :( dont like to see u sad!
Yes i will really share that here on crossfire
Well i woke up 06:45 had breakfast then opened up my phone to see a sms which tells me the ppl who im having a project with, is not going to be able to come to school today -.- and this project is the only lesson ive got today.

so my plans is to fucking rotten in my chair

and lift some weights
sup jino :)

my plans are to not do shit because going to uni tomorow :-(

aslong as you dont go around your uni doing what you did in your youtube vid ;)
prac hard, go pro
jino u sexy bastard!
i gotta go to first choice and tell them my travel insurance details as im goin away saturday to salou, costa dorada for a week baby. gonna come back lookin mixed race. then get my NVQ finished :(
u sexy beast, where u bin. Back to uni again soon for more epicness, freshers week is always epic, i cant afford a holiday this year or next year. You jelly?
Off to Prague till Thursday, got my new car Saturday! Had a party/BBQ saturday too, cant complain :-)
Of course you wouldn't complain after a BBQ :)
I'm gonna watch some Starcraft 2, clean the house up a bit, buy some new strings for my guitar, play some guitar, probably read some, might write some, post stupid shit on facebook, watch a movie, maybe play some Titan Quest or POKEMON because I fucking can.
Pokemon, TQ ... you're a legend!
Got up 30mins ago, went to the butcher to get Steaks for me and my dad.
Steaks and salad incoming now :)

Later on I'll have to paint our basement, I'm almost done tho.
After that I'll drive over to a friend, he'll have to fix something in my car.

Tonight: Maybe play some ET again, havent really played for weeks
if she continues to drink cokem, guess she'll not be anymore beauty
that girl is fucking tidy lad
mine started today, got 1 girl in my class like last year.

gangbang hard
It sounds very gay..
yEs im bi-sexual
In this case you must be happy to see a lot of male butts around you.
Take care of yours..
morning jinoo

just woke up nothing else
cu @ lan m8
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