Looking for 1-5 ppl to play some Rise of Nations with!

So ye, title! Need 1-5 ppl who are crazy enough to play a game of Rise of Nations the Gold Edition with us (me ati and ratic)

If ur up for it just gimme a poke at #Atiunderscore
Gief download link and it's game oN!
thepiratebay.org/torrent/4435064 dunno if this actualy works :D we have had it since like our second lan :D need some additional patches and what not to be able to play it togahter
so how can I find the proper version to play online?
just come to #Atiunderscore when u got dled it and install hamachi. We'll try a few things, might be able to play with that version so need to check
good luck :~>
Last game I played lasted 3 hours, can't find the screenshot though.
Only 3? our games always take like 5+ hours :D Only way it ends is if ppl cba and just quit or if ppl dc for random reasons :D
If we would play aoe2, I'm in !
If we would play Empire Earth, I'm in !
Me & Tammy can do that shit
tyfus ati
dat is toch helemaal nergens voor nodig ;o
If we would play civilization, im in
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