Entourage - final episode

I haven't seen a journal about it yet, but if I'm not mistaken the final episode of entourage is out and I just saw it.

What did you think of it?

I liked the ending although its very unrealistic and in turns out everybody gets back together and is happy again. Then again Im a softie and I love that shit.

I wonder if they'll still make a movie though and if so what will it be about. Ari's offer?

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dat breasts
shit sloan is so hot, would fuck. also ari won't take the offer mehopes
Gonna see all 8 season epis tonight!
I actually cried a little bit when the credits rolled! I wish they had done a bit more this season though, and I think HBO kind of thought "well this is it, lets just rush it and get it done with".

Looking forward to the movie though when they actually decide to make it!

I personally think we will see a spin off show primarily focussing on Ari, even more so after the bit at the end!!
it fucking sucked imo...it was way too smooth for everyone + so fucking unrealistic how everything turned out...a very bad ending to a great show, but the last couple of seasons weren't that great either, so it was expectable how they will end it.
Awesome series, I hope the ending will be legendary.
e: Just finished the final episode, wasnt really what i expected. There didnt really happen much, its cool that everything turned out well tho.
ending could be better, but what's done is done. gotta say i'm gonna miss ari man :////////

forgot to mention I just had to pause when ari's wife bent over in the last scene ;)
I actually tried googling that image because I wanted that to be the random pic :D
good idea :D
fuck that ending.

in my mind, ari takes the offer. anything else would be out-of-character.
But that's the whole point of character development. It's still 8 seasons aka 8 years in real life. People do change, so did Ari.
yes, 8 seasons hes been "ari". and just suddenly, it takes less than an episode to completely turn around. shit writing, too rushed.
the offer from babs?
you obviously closed it when you saw the after title (or whatever to call it) if you kept watching after a minute it continued for another minute. Ari got an offer before to take "Dana's job" but now he offered him his job because he's retiring. He'd be like so rich he could buy countries basically thats how they made it sound etc. ;p
ah! luckily i still had it in my recycle bin so i just watched it instead of reading all of your comment ;D ty though
x) Didn't intend to spoil haha just sayin'!
pff.. Not even alot of episodes, what a shame.. :(
Final episode already? :( Wasn't it like episode 8?
is it worth watching?
Yeah if you watch every season
thats what I meant yes :)
worst show ever
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