hood movies

give me some titles of hood movies, ghetto movies, or all in all black people movies

already seen:

boyz n tha hood
menace II society
dead presidents
training day
dont be a menace
get rich or die tryin

probly some more cant get on some titles tho

would really appreciate it
Harry Brown kinda? :s
i dunno you watched the movie
well theres fighting shooting and has michael caine in it!
hip hop hood

51 state
pulp fiction
jason's lyric
jackie brown
Don't give that wnb-corner-hopper any good ones nor mix them with his shit.
corner hopper?
Damn, you are good. Just wathing it, season 4, epi 6.
I've never felt more black than when watching The Wire, although playing GTA: San Andreas came pretty close back then.
I am not feeling it, especially this 4th season because of the school-thingies. Makes me want to smack someone. But since I got a freeday tomorrow, I shall go all McNulty tonight with me bottle.
Season 2 is still my favourite despite all the kikes and wops.
Wasn't such a fan of that one, too little Omar. HAHA YOU SEE, DO YOU? I SURE DID IT!

This made me start the serie since buddy was using it so much.
Senator Davis <3

if you like the wire, the corner is also worth watching
want to teach him to watch better ones
seen pulp fiction and jackie brown tho so im inb4 what you're saying
You failed to grasp the concept of "inb4"?
ye i know but i wanted her to know that i indeed was in before she said that, only i didnt type it before she said it :D
Menace II Society was a pretty good movie.
Robin Hood: Men In Tights.
which of the movies is the best from ur list?
i'd say

1: boyz n tha hood
2: menace II society
3: training day (denzel washington made this movie really)
4: dead presidents
5: dont be a menace (its a parody (comedy-remake) of all the movies above combined and they did it really great, watched it over 20 times and it never gets dull)
dont be a manace is by far the best movie ever.. its the only movie i watched over 10 times and in 3 languages
hustle and flow.
50 cent, get rich or die trying.

get rich or die tryin'
London riots 2011 replay
been looking for this movie only could never find out the title thx jim
You´re welcome :)
omg ky-mani omg
Guess you could call it a 'hood' movie, though not really some negro flick like the ones you've mentioned, but The Warriors is worth a post http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080120/
think ive seen it when i was like 8 or so, ill think bout it
je moet holland in de hood kijken :) zieke shit gek :D
neger ga :P van die dikke nerds zogenaamd westside enzo ga ga rolstoelen
i'm mc biggah, a real thrillah niggah
Be peprbared.
still looking for the movie in which some blacks get jailed because they drive the same white car as got caught in some supermarket robbery by video surveillance, one of them then joining a gang; final showdown a riot in the prison's courtyard
someone gimme name :/
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0329691/ Don't know if that really fits your category plus it's a really bad movie.

e: since you put dont be a menace there, check out the Friday movies too if you haven't seen them (Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next) and maybe you'd like Gridiron Gang.
blood in blood out

probably the best movie in here...its more about latinos tho but still a all time classic
it's about latino's but enough niggers in that movie to be a hood movie.

I think it's fits the category pretty well
The Friday Trilogy
Aight deze boy leeft nog ;D
yo neger sinds wanneer leef jij opeens? speel je nog et? :D
mooie clannaam past bij jou :D ik speel niet meer man doe meer aan LoL
ajoh ballen spel :P en ik zit zelf in scoobydoo.et :D haha ff mixen nu die baserace
WATCH GHETTOGANGZ GOD DAMN.. AND GHETTOGANZ 2 (best hood movie ever.. trust me)
187 is good, but it's a Mexican gang in LA and a black teacher.

Maybe it's of interest to you?
barbershop 1 + 2
friday, next friday, friday after next
soul plane
any movie with 2pac in it - juice, grid'lock
so many that i cant remember names of
Cidade de Deus
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