Your Job?

What is your job title?

I'm currently a sales assistant at a big bookshop we have here in the UK called WHSmith though I'm looking for a job in clothes retail because of my interest in fashion and want a discount ;)

I handed out some applications today and ted baker were really keen, which is good because I would absolutely LOVE to work in there.

I read "blowjob"
Slave in the school.
Oh i'm that too! Just enjoy it whilst you can ;)
Bartender and game instructor at lasertag, FIK YA
Where do you live? I might have met you,hehe
I will come too :)
legendary :D
Dip oec
I've never had summerjob
I never want to work

I just want to be
student & secretary

as of monday 26th, student, secretary and social inclusion pupil support worker (helping kids with mental health problems)
Why don't you help that kid IN THE MIRROR?????

When I saw you'd replied to my comment here I expected better
I'd have thought by now that you'd have lowered your expectations
Because we passed the honeymoon phase?
Having a resturant, and a company that i only use in winter and that is taking snow away from the roofs.

And i work nights for fun 1-3 times a week as security in clubs :)
what foood?
everything, from all kind of meats to pasta to pizza :P
did you start both companies or bought them/took over from family?
You're my hero.

I could come sweden just to get your autograph
Selling on army-stuff at

Best job I have had so far, no bosses around to annoy me & workmates are great and there is enough flexibility with hours when needed. Salary ain't that bad compared to "normal" store-clerk.
in the army
I study engineering physics and I work as a waiter, but not a typical waiter. I'm the kind of waiter that works at parties/weddings. I absolutley love my job even tought it is at sucky times and really hard working.
system administrator and deputy leader of some project at federal bank of germany
I shoooooooooooooot the sheeeeriiiiiiiiiiiiiiff
but i did not shoot the deputy...nanana :D
Electrical Engineer
so basically you work in a factory for minimum wage

g5 baby, g5.
Ha, dont know what Electrical Engineer's do in Finland, but in England its a well thought/paid job and is currently on the high priority list in Australia - 100k.

I dont work in a factory, my work varies. The past few years i have been working on the London Underground, installing and designing the new electrical upgrades for the various lines. I used to work in commercial installations though.
Sounds like fun, which diploma do you have?
HNC Building Services Electrical Engineering. Was 1 day a week/day release paid for by my company.

Thinking of taking a Degree in Construction/Business Management next year
Sounds like fun, but then again alot of things sound like fun to me :)
Nightshifts are the best. I work around 3 hours and get £150 and get the next day off paid :P
Ross 100k in Australia will be an Engineer with a degree surely?
I havent looked into it "properly" but in the uk a fully qualified engineer is classed as someone with a HNC
Engineer in life and Engineer in game -_-
got a profession, but no work in this country for me :<
IT technician, in .pl they want even shit guy that fixes pc at other brand company to have uni finished, bullshit.
Weird. Here in Belgium anyone with the slightest IT experience has a huge advantage at any job.
well, im probably going to move to ger and rent a flat with FinishPride, dont know if its going to pay off, but still worth a try :)
I wanna live with Levin aswell
3 ppl flat then?
nah, living in germany sucks for sure! Poland should be even worse tho :) I like belgium, u guys can come here
if u get me a nice job its np
et player
+ now working for promo stuff at seaside for some extra moniez
Engi smg, sometimes medic.
Fitness Instructor + Personal Trainer

+ Full time badman
just interested how much 1h?
Should of said soon to be personal trainer :p starting the course soon!
finance accountant in sales department we produce and sales solar modules
preparing month end close and so on :)

song cause i want this dress!
Full time legend.


I work for Orange as a part time sales advisor/iOS consultant for the midlands, I also run a small business on eBay selling routers and study Media Production and Film at Coventry Uni!

Busy Busy!!
Did you get that SGS2 in the end?
Yeah, lovely phone, hate android !!
If you're coming from an iPhone there is quite a difference, but I love it! All down to personal choice I suppose. Still can't believe how lite and thin it is. Still surpises me when I pick it up and I've had it since launch. Have you got all the latest updates from Kies etc?
I still use my iPhone as my works phone, And yeah, its really light! I rooted it once to stock firmware, but just didn't do anything for me and yeah all the latest updates are on there.

I'm gonna sell it soon, along with my BB 9780 and buy the new iPhone!
bouncer on weekends, student in week
Chicken loader
If you aren't joking. Do you do this as a fulltime job and what do you get paid?
im not joking and not full time because its hard work + "dangerous work" (=chickens leave ammonia gas blablabla)

pays me around 17,50 €/h and after midnight 22,50 €/h
My friend has an animal farm and I did this job once, just to help out. Also got paid really good. I can see why you can't do this everyday, my hands were ruind afterwards and its indeed heavy and dirty work if you want to do it fast. How many times a month do you do this?
normally you work in hours of like 4-6 hour at evening/night - and here i get asked if i want to help since they quite some people, so it really depends
Lazy ass
lazy ass WoW playing student - done :D
Trenutno ga ne igram :P
dej pol en ET...jest sem ┼że inštaliral :D
bom probal ce mi dela :P
image: back2school_144977153_162894260_163300160

btw if u r student and search good paid and interesting job try
many friends working there and they earn a lot. mainly bartender at formula 1 and tennis :)
How much do you earn ? :p
too much for you :)
its classified :~>
dont want to be sued by some eurofags from this site :{
The official title and description of your job couldn't possibly be classified.
damn, cant you see im trying to impress da chickaz

edit: i dont know even how to translate it D:
Audio Typist
i cant tell you. Professional secret :s
whore or agent
or perhaps both ..
agent alias: whore
Telecommunication Auto mechanic
Clanleader of Armenia's best clan, team-HAYASTAN
i work in a pub
Full-time asshole and Salvation Army volunteer on the side.
Studying automotive engineering, will get a job soon as my wrists start getting better than what they already are as it's quite a physical job &_&

Ted Baker would be cool, like their stuff.
Still studying :s
skilled Electrical Engineer
I'm the BOSS!

but in real life I'm just a fat lazy student...
Currently work at a primary school assisting in the before/after school club for the kids. basically get paid to stand around making sure they don't do anything stupid and to colour in a picture now and again :P (inb4 pedo jokes :pPPpppPP)

Sent in an application to work at the co-op which the manageress said I will get :pPPpppPP
housebuilder :))
software engineer!
Team manager
I serve champagne & cava in the weekends at employment parties.
currently summerjob at playmobil
an actor, singer

not so known ;/

worked in an insurance company during the summer
I worked on these all summer

image: farm-silo
student + supermarket :))
student game-artist, webdesigner as a sidejob
outdoor & rescue instructor
Supply Chain Planner
Just started an IT Graduate Scheme for an Energy company. Wish me luck.
Mayni. Good luck.
Tyre fitter : ) Tractors and Lorrys are somewhat fun, luljks they're fucking awful -.-
I am lazy and don't have a job. I am a student and hoping to find a job soon :X
Currently an intern, working as a Solutions Architect designing computer interfaces for medical systems.
Full time student, 3rd year uni.

Part time electrician. OOOOOF
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