The Cool Francis' Life

Hello CF buddies,

Once upon a time, the 15th September 1992, a man waiting for his wife @ hospital.
Indeed, a baby borned.
image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTjivEozy4IYK4UAhE611nkVi0SN04WNxofvNEhAdqG6IpO0bTzpK4SONidBA

But this baby was not like all babies, he was ready to confront to this strange world, full of hardcore playerz...

Growing up, the baby became a boy, reinforcing his mind and his desire to become one of the most e-famous player on ET.
image: 2918527631_1

But there was too many skilled playerz, already @ the top, and it was really hard to reach the highest level.

Meanwhile, the boy became a man, and kept on praccing hard to become the bestest.

But this player was in a need of a team, a clan, a hardcore gayming crew.
It was the beginning of, addicted gamerz since 2k8.
The leader was always trying to become better, playing with the best playerz ever, Germanynicon, FinlandWny, Portugaln1, PolandRafek, Chilecasek etc...

It was the good old time, when you were not worried about Real Life, probz with girl, puberty, parents.

And came the time to the student life, alcohol, sex & drug.
image: 2596219082_1

Finished the time to pracc hard until 6 a.m, finished the cool journals and the awesome troll.

It was the story of LeFrancis.

l'happy bday
Happy bday!!
happy birthday!
hb bro xD

epic journal *.*
hb <3333333
Happy birthday, I wish you a lot of happiness!
happy birthday le franciss ma man :{D

wish u lots of sex on d beach
I'll be celebrating mine in 1 week so let's party hard and pown some nubs in a meanwhile!

hb brother :-)
Joyeux anniversaire, Francy :)
Hf with your image: 2867337_e516e84f92_m !
hb fake university student :D
hb francistic bro :}D
Happy Borned Day
Continue de représenter l'OM quand j'suis pas là :{D
awesome journal

happy birthday :)
happy birthday bro, let there be many more before you quit gaming.
Thank you guys! MarseilleLeFrancis almost shedded a tear. Certainly the most epicest birthday journal ever. See you tomorrow for awesome internet party taking place on our TS and irc :
happy bday friend! {3
i will party hard tomorrow for u when i go the bday of my cousins :D

le happy birthday LeFranics
Vierge à vie h3h3h3

hb :)
image: tumblr_lriocxv9Zn1qjzvcco1_500_large

Joyeux anniversaire Francis!

Here's some Choco-mustache-lolipops for you! :D
Bon birthday
happy birthday mate :)

happy birthday =)
Happy Bday LE FRANCIS!!I LOVE UR JOURNALS DUDE, they are so much better comparing to razzah nub and the scarzy fag omg come back please
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