windows 7 & ET

im lagging like fuck, any help? ping aint stable, heavy warping etc etc, net is fine, running tzac and shit as admin etc etc
try to run in compatibility mode too?
i'll try it later on, hopefully works
i have windows but always run it with windows xp sp3 compatibility mode, never tried it on 7 tbh so don't know if it'll work but worth a try
i also have windows
oh lol me2 wtf
fuck we got the same os :o
i got like 20 windows
click on limbo menu, and choose panzerfaust
wireless or wired?
wired, havent had any problems with ET&lag while running xp, formatted yesterday xp-> w7 and now ET is close to unplayable
Quoteformatted yesterday xp-> w7

Quotexp-> w7


remove dat and go for best and trusted xp!
im lagging like fuck




image: come-back-once-youre-cracked-and-shit

sorry, don't know why but that was like an invite.
I aint got no problems with w7, cuz if it goes and act like a bitch imma put a cap in its ass

cuz im a thug like dat
speedtest please :p
download netlimiter and see if anything is using your net except for ET when youre playing..

turned out Spotify made me lag for some wierd reason, so I had to quit that. I sometimes have unexplainable lags though (nothing wierd on netlimiter but still lagging) - but less now that I quit spotify each time.
That's windows 7 for you.. the only reason I upgraded was because of 64-bit. XP for life :(
Check drivers, Win 7 auto installs them but can install the wrong one on occasion.
They always install the right ones. The oly problem that _might_ happen is: the drivers from their repository being outdated...

It's highly recomended to download the main drivers manually (net, motherboard, sound, gfx)
I have a problem that it installed the wrong nvidia drivers for me
No system is flawless, no way it always installs the right drivers.
The hardware have a internal thing with their identification which needs to match the drivers.. It helps to find the the correct drivers, i kinda doubt microsoft wouldn't do this kind of "check"...
Yeah, would prevent most faults. Although producers could fuck up and therefor windows could install wrong drivers etc.

I mean, TosspoT had wrong drivers installed.
i play with win7 aswell, but no problem.

update drivers and shut down auto updating shit, auto virus check MIDNNN
u r focked bro
pc config ?
As TosspoT said.. check the drivers (altough I never had problems with them). For me every game (except diablo 2) runs way better on win7 than XP.
I play on laptop and have same prob like u mind. The problem are ATI drivers, they are fucked up in windows7. Radeon graphic cards works bad with opengl. They make me fps drops and ping lags at the same time on goldrush, radar, et_beach (big maps with a lot of textures)
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