Can't find my car

Well i've post a journal about me getting a new car ( )

But I can't find what i'm looking for :'(

Can you help me to find a good car for me? (german are welcome coz i can bring one from your country :* )

Golf VI 105 Diesel White GPS /fog lamp/ 25k km /years 2010-211 max 17500€ max


Sirocco 2.0 HDI 140 ch 25k km max white ! Years 2009-2011 . 18000€ max

A cookie for the winner !
Heads or tails!
e: "fog lamp"
Putain je suis con je sais en plus que brouillard c'est fog, merci
scirocco all the way :P
Subaru Impreza
best film ever!
audi A4 is your car
i'm looking for a golf or sirocco... A3 ok but A4 come on ... I'm only 23 y old.
so if you are 23 you can't buy A4? how is that even logic?
I mean. The A4 look more familial. I'm kinda young and i want a "small" car. Nothing against the A4 tho
i dont get the point of the journal but

change the language to english/france, put the price range.. motor type etc. and start looking, and then ask some good friend who knows about the cars whatever info you need
then diesel is the wrong way to go :D
As as young boy i'm not that rich :). Essence is too expensive
Fiat Punto Abarth SuperSport !
or just the Fiat Punto Abarth
what do you mean with essence? The Punto Abarth has pretty much all extras, up to 180 hp and a nice racy look. You can buy it for the money you have.
It's not a Diesel and i want a Diesel :D
if you want a diesel, you could also buy an audio a4. What sense does it make to buy a car that looks "young and sporty" when it has a 90hp diesel which isn't "young and sporty" at all ? Thats like having your grandmother/grandfather wearing the latest fashion clothes which a 20y old would wear.
I go for Diesel only for the consomation. cba to spend my money throw the windows. And 140ch as diesel is enough i guess :)
I thought you had parked it somewhere and couldn't find it again...
Was expecting a journal about your car getting stolen.
You disappoint me.
thank you :'(
Volvo C30 t5 :P
La sirocco est vraiment sympa ;)
audi q7 v12 easy
ever considered browsing through other brands cars? things might get cheaper there with same setup
kinda similar, but black here! dislike white cars ^^
owned a scirocco for 1,5 years and was quite pleased with it so scirocco is the way to go :P cheaper insurance so scirocco is the obvious choice

oh and dont get a 2009 one the car was way to new back then go for a 2010er
+1 scirocco is awesome :)
not enough hp on diesel :(
not enough rpm & no music-making engine !
I would go for some peugeot.. I'm sure they are quite cheap in france? And their diesel engines are pretty awesome (if it has to be a diesel -.- :P). Not to mention that french cars often have the full extras for a price where a german car won't have any extras.

@edit: and make sure that when u buy a car from germany you don't have to pay higher prices. I remember a friend (from austria) who wanted to buy a car from italy.. but they had to sell him the car for the same price which it would cost in austria. in the end he found some italian guy who bought the car for him (for the italian price) and then sold it to my friend (for the italian price ofc).

@edit2: I would go for a used honda s2000.. for that amount of money you can get one with very low kilometers :P
s2000 essence only :)

And i prefer german car tbh. Audi, wv etc...
The only car i can buy with pleasure in france ( for my price & stuff) its the 308 HDI feline
1200kg with 240hp at the rear wheels and over 9000 rpm.. who wouldn't like.. äh.. LOVE that? :P

And why do you prefer german cars? Is it just because of the design? :S

btw whatever car you buy: make sure to google for some communitys about that car (there is for every car a community with lots of registered users :D). They can give you the best tips for buying a car e.g. the year it was build and what has changed any why you shouldn't buy that car before 2004 blabla (and especially with german cars you want to make sure about that).
Ofc driving fast is fun BUT dont want to lose my license you know :D
Sirocco 2.0 HDI 140 really nice cars, plus the styling of them is amazing!

have to get these alloys for them tho 18" maybe 19"s also ;)

image: 18-alloy-wheels-new-scirocco-style-281-p
BMW 120d Coupè is what you need!

image: BMW1erCoupe4
scirocco HDI ? TDI plutot ?
Tu as des gouts bizarres, pourquoi comparer une golf et une scirocco ? Quels st tes criteres :s
Sirocco c'est plus un reve car a 18 000€ pour en trouvé une je suis pas couché. Et une Golf c'est pas mal, et je connais un mec qui importe des voitures d'allemagne don ca voir si je peux pas les revendre plus chere en france
pour 18000e et environ 50000km (quasi neuf quoi) tu peux avoir de belles montures : 130i, sciroco,audi a3 etc ou sinon megane RS , focus ST et autres VRAIES voitures de sport
Je ne veux pas d'essence
une honte :(
scirocco isnt thaaat good why dont u take an a3 2.0 turbo??!
the price maybe?
Golf VI GTD 170HP.
Dude, Where's My Car
Ty, was already worried why noone replied that.
volkswagen GOLF R32 ( one of best cars i have driven ) 11000€
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