Custom Inear Headphonez


due to the launch of Unique Melody UK and an awesome promo sale, i decided to give it a shot and waste 770 euroz for some IEMs

25 lucky ppl had the chance to get 20% discount , a custom made silver cable with viablue jacks from worth 160euro , UM shirt and a UM usb stick

.... i was one of them :3

now ihave to decide on the design , my fav is atm

smoked black faceplate
green shell
smoked black earcanals

which would look equal to No 4 left side on the following picture, but i like the other colors aswell:

image: COQDX

What color setup would you take 1# 2# 3# 4# :3 ?
Red looks very nice :P
blue or green for me
those look creepy :XD
and red!
blue :P
looks like an organ :XD
Yea, I never believed that Jews were human beings
green shell
770 euros? are you mad?
not at all , music is a hobby :3
blue looks nice
How is that custom? Did you go there and they measured your ear, so it fits perfect or wut
you go to a audiologist and get earimpressions ... after you send them to their store , they will make a negative inpressions and form the shell etc.

looks like this

image: 5512649924_92d0c0bcef
yes, thats right.
hey man, take a look at my post ;)
oh wow, I just hope for you that it'll be worth effort and the money :)
My dad invented IEM's like those with an extremely comfortable cone (the thingie that goes into your auditory canal) with a real 3-way-soundsystem in it!

next step for him is to build those with an active 3-way-system...

you know for example Manowar? the popular heavy metal band?
their drummer got one pair of my dad's IEM

atm the site is german only, but if you have questions just reply :)

e: if you go on "Referenzen" (References) you can see some artists he already equipped.
kannst du mir rabatt klar machen so 90 % :DD
500 biste dabei ;)
cF freundschafts angebot :D
they're handmade... normal price for that.
it still fucking retarded to pay 770euros for earbuds
if ure musician and you need to have a clear sound which fits your needs, then its np to invest 800€ for those earbuds!
big brands like shure are selling them for 1500€, and they're NOT handmade and shit hardware is inside...
if ur a musician yeh, but he never said its for work
show off
kinda yes :3 but also expected to get some random audio conversations going ... with success considering cutees dad is makin customs
it's a special market. i think not really something for gamers-
they look scary.. but blue & black is always a win !
770 euros?
if you are so rich send me some moneyz
practical semester as productmanager

i earn 2euro per hour ....
I actually thought about getting custom IEMs too (1964EARS 1964-T*) but I decided to get smth for home pleasure instead (Audio-Technica ATH-W1000x) since I already sweet sounding portable phones (Audio-Technica ATH-EW9).
btw, blue/white wins for me :)
ye well i was using my Audio Technica ATH M50 for my clip+ recently ... but i dont like the feel with closedcan for situations like going to the supermarket...

and i was considering the quad from 1964ears but custom controls + tax put me off .... i was luck that Unique Melody had a promo for the UK opening running so ye...
I know that feeling, I felt weird even with my fathers Koss Porta Pro on my head. I got my ATH-EW9s for over 2 years already and I couldnt be happier with my choice. Since I hate having anything in my ears, I didnt want to have IEMs (if I wanted one pair sometime, I would go for ATH-CK10 probably). So my only choice was to get some clip-ons, and at that time, EW9s were the best.
wish i could afford those ;<<

And blue's are deffo the best, even tho my favorite color is red :$
Wish I had money to chuck at stuff like that!
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