TZAC - ET.exe forced close on Awaiting Gamestate

Ok this is the most amount of information I can think to put together on this issue.

System Tray before launching TZAC:

TZAC Pre-ET Launch:

ET.exe has stopped working

Problem Details:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: ET.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 445f5790
Fault Module Name: ET.tzmod
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4e89a4c7
Exception Code: c0000094
Exception Offset: 001a534f
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 3081
Additional Information 1: a629
Additional Information 2: 123beed7e8a2d3b30ecf0075e77b8815
Additional Information 3: 47b2
Additional Information 4: 73558211f5c01d370eaddd6a5f8fd249

System Specs:

Other info:
- Using adjusted NVIDIA desktop color settings
- Using custom NVIDIA application settings for ET.exe
- Using minimizor (v1.8)
- Using Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro

Have also tried:
- Turning off Firewall
- Turning off Malware protection

TZAC was working fine on my pc until the 6th of September. I can't think of any major changes to my pc since then apart from regular windows updates.
remember remember the 6th of september ?!
Nice gfx card you have atleast!
upgrading the rest sometime next month >.>
I renamed TZAC to GAYZAC
Saw your awesome youtube video "How to cheat on Slac" some time ago.. Keep on buddy! ":D"
Just block the stream "Out going" thats it!
I have same cpu but 7.1pt
ati 6870 vappor x : 7.8pt :O

everytime i quit cod4, i have a crash msg also, but i only see it when i quit the game :~>
Il est CPU limited, sa carte graphique est trop puissante par rapport à son proc :D
jai le meme proc et un cg presque aussi puissante, no?
Nan pas vraiment, avec ma GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr 2 que j'ai O/C au max j'ai 7,9 pts qui est la note maximum de Windows 7 donc faut pas se baser là dessu.

image: systemp

En plus, le type il aurai eu 4GB de ram voir 8 sa note serait beaucoup plus haut.
jsais bien que c est pas une bonne base a regarder :p

tu connais 3d mark? y avait un link ou tu pouvais testé direct sur le net tes points, je trouve plus sa, obliger d'avoir le programme et une clé ou cracké pour connaitre ses points
Oui je connais mais l'application en ligne Futurmark n'existe plus et puis tes pas obligé d'avoir une clé avec le programme, c'est juste la version basique que tu auras.
j avais le 3dmark 06 mais jpouvais pas voir le nombre de point, je devais allez en ligne pour le voir :O
I got an i5 2300 and only 4.0pt
I also have ati 6850 WindForce 2X with 3.7pt

I dont know how you doing it but there must be some trick
dont know, using w7 64bits ( my ram isnt limited, thats why i think )
Ladies and gentlemen, this is bug report done right.
Filesystem permissions?
You mean like read/write permissions on the folder where tzac is installed?
go run as admin.
I have the same problem but pds managed to fix it and it was working for a while but then when i got back home 3 weeks later it happend again and my e-hero pds said i had some virus. But the error i got was some "g_scriptparse error" i havent found the solution to the problem but im just gona upgrade my system when i get back home because this shit is well annoying
Yeah it is ridiculous the amount of different things I have tried. Surely it is just something simple but like wtf why should I need to re-format/upgrade etc just to get TZAC working.
Pm pds and ask him to take a look at it(through team viewer etc). Hes awesome when it coms down to shit like that :)
Well if khaplja doesn't respond to my latest tzac support thread I might do that.

Or give EdZz theory a try. Win 7 is better than Vista anyway! Just sucks having to backup stuff and trying not to forget something I don't want deleted.
vista lol, worst shit ever

go for w7
Try to change or reinstall OS, I and my friend had the same problem, but we fixed this problem with OS reinstall
Thanks will give it a go once i've backed everything up.
Good luck! Gimme feedback after you try this way, I hope you fix this problem
Installed Win7, now it works thanks!
No problem, fun to help someone!
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