Champions League tonight

Group A

England Man. City 3 x 0 Spain Villareal
Italy Napoli 1 x 2 Germany Bayern

Group B

Russia CSKA 3 x 0 Turkey Trabzonspor (already played)
France Lille 1 x 0 Italy Internazionale

Group C

Romania Otelulz 0 x 2 England Man. United
Switzerland Basel 1 x 2 Portugal Benfica

Group D

Spain Real Madrid 3 x 1 France O. Lyon
Croatia Dinamo Zagreb 0 x 2 Netherlands Ajax

Good luck to all of your teams cf users except for Zagreb and Basel soz :D

What are you expecting?

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dünamo vs ajax great odds.......might bet some
FranceLyon 2 x 1 SpainReal Madrid
in bernabeu? dont think so mate ..
true but lyon like the status of "outsider" , they can do it!
lets see.. besides i like ronaldo and mourinho :P
They tie vs Ajax but win vs Real madrid? Don't think so..
nigga pliz, piss off
Epic flagfail.
SSC - Bayern 2:2
Lille - Inter 2:1
Basel - Benfica 1:2
Real - Lyon 2:0
Dinamo - Ajax 1:3
Took you some time. :PP
that's right.. dindt knew switzerland, couldn't remember croatia :p
Gotta stay realistic, pal! :p
bayern will rape their face.

+ real will win 3:0

+ ManU wins 4:0

e. someone got bayern stream?
hope so.. 2 bayern fans were stabbed in italy :S
"Zwei Lüfter Bayern München waren am späten Montagabend in Neapel, wo sie waren, um das Spiel zu sehen heute zwischen den beiden Teams für die Champions League erstochen. Nach dem Bericht der Fans an die italienischen Behörden, passiert den Vorfall beim Gehen auf einer Straße Zentrum der Stadt und wurden von Personen, die auf einem Motorrad fuhr, nachdem in den Rücken gestochen worden näherte. Die beiden Männer, 42 und 47, in der Klinik unterstützt wurden, nach der "Gazzetta dello Sport" mit leichten Verletzungen. "

Zwei Lüfter...

Bayern hates Neapoli now
its true right?
fucking mafia -.- gonna watch benfica, cu later mate, gl!
89. FC Basel +1 Benfica 2 4,15
79. Napoli Bayern München X 3,20
82. Manchester C Villarreal 1 1,23

79. Napoli Bayern München 2 1,85
83. Manchester C Villarreal +1 1 1,75
84. Lille Inter 2 3,30
87. FC Basel Benfica 2 2,10
Anexis will win this one fo sjoh
I see what you did there :D And for that, I shall add you to my buddy list!!
you did ajax on a win :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! i think the'll draw xD
ItalyNapoli - GermanyBayern München 0:3!
Has to talk about Champions League because Portuguese team is as much of a disgrace as its country's finances.
Que merda de clube e que merda de país.
cageui para a selcção, a minha e o benfica
boa sorte a ganhar ao porto lol
qd falares cmg olha pra cima, tou em 1º
Com igualdade de pontos.
se acabasse o campeonato era campeão. olha para cima.
Se a minha avó tivesse tomates era meu avô.
Lyon is so weak wow...
real gonna roll those frenchies.
:'(((( score btw?
real is owning lyon atm
ahahah frenchies getting rolled hard, expected.

cu @ uefa cup fucking nooooob

1. Benfica 7
2. Manchester 5
3. Basel 4
4. Otelulz 0
napoli played 1:1 against bayern without having 1 single goalattempt

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