schNee's morning

Good morning peepz,
I arrived after oversleeping at work. Feeling sick – still or again. Im not sure. Its cold. BUT it Thursday already Ruipperi will come tomorrow . gonna search some nice parties today for weekend =)
He likes live music so gonna see what I can find:) Anyone in berlin wanna join? As surprise surprise? :D

Questions of the day:
Do u know crossfit? Did u try? Does it work? =) (link: i want to to for beginners since u dont need much time

What are ur plans for weekend? ruipperiiiii

WHat is this flame/troll stuff about? u do it in rl as well? nope i dont do it here neither in rl. cause u dont do it :x


image: Kerli

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||I wish u all a nice day||
nice day to you 2, going to sauna for rest of day... it closes around 23:30 :D
wtf sounds nice but u cannot do so many repeats or?! :D
Well, see it as a sort of resort, where you can have lots of different sauna's, swimming pools, lounge area's, beauty spa, ritual aufguss sessions etc...Theres indoor + outdoor facilities. Day is over before you know it. I went to thermen Bussloo, it's not the biggest thermen we have, but it's my favourite. Here's a overview, you can hold your cursor on the black dots to get a view of the room.

plans for weekend: big party, my brother celebrates his 30th birthday with like 500 people.

I am tired :\
so, it's an online birthday? :ASDASDASDdSDAS
yeah, le güngy added already slots to teamspeak :XDDDXDD LOOOOOL!

man, eating tortilla chips with chili and haven't got anything to drink, i'm literally a friggin' dragon right now.
preparing for lunch right now, but dunno what to eat! I'd die for some mexican food right now, too bad the next restaurant is like 40 hours away. dfajfklöjasfjasdlf.

so probably its gonna be kebap. again.
500 leute??!??!!! warum wieso kennt man denn soviel leute? ich mein haeh??! bei mir sinds max 100 oder so :o
vllt war das leicht übertrieben :P
Guten Morgen little lady!

Has Berlin got snow forcasting soon? We have had snow in Scotland already near me. The weather is really cold now and already it feels like january :(

Edit: Great tune!!!!!!!!!!!
around 10-15 °C during the day still in germany, but at nights already sometimes -2°C, so not long togo for the first snow i hope :P
heyaaa =) no we have no snow in berlin except me :x

its too warm but at night its cold alrdy as ssaid before :)
will see when it starts. i love it just bad for driving n stuff !
What is crossfit? is it a series of excercises you have to complete or something?
you have to wear addidas else it wont work
i often wear adidas t-shirt when i go to the gym
then crossfit is fit for you!
was just the first link ffs ;)
jUsT wAnTeD tO PoSt SoMeThInG :(9((
then post SoMeThInG gooooood neeext tiiiiiiiiiime :)
no can do, school keeps my brain in stress mode :(
10:15 - pauze - 14:30

looong break imo ;;)
sucks like hell, nothing to do in that time. did nothing. sat, browsed. >: @(

really crazy. u dont need much time and there are different WODs u have to repeat. shall be very effective =)
Got a crossfit center in my city. Pretty awesome and effective training!
are u doing it from beginning? did u do other sport before ?

cause im totally nub with sport in general but need smth effective in short time cause i have no time :)
school 8:45 - 10:15 - pauze - 14:30 - 16:00

Halloween party but i dont wanna dress up :(
An apt song for your journal title. Takes a while to get going, but well worth the wait
thanks for song! =)
Good morning schneezing schneeski :)

Had a truly awesome evening and night with an even more awesome girl. Funny fact is she lives two houses from mine xD We watched lock stock and two smoking barrels, while being pretty stoned and a little drunk. Was good fun! Didn't get anywhere near sleeping enough and I was alrdy tired so I'm gonna feel pretty weary later today I guess. But it was worth it!

Tonight I will have plenty of time to sleep anyway. This weekend will be party hardy. I'm also looking for tickets to go to phantasialand btw, which I presume you know? Need some discount on tickets because 37,50 per piece is a lot for a student like me who needs money for beers :p Also need to pay for gasoline to get there, although its not very far from where I live (Maastricht NL).

As for today: stuck at the office, arranging some stuff for my research about social media. Pretty bla but there's worse stuff I guess. Also organizing a science quiz which will be epic since I am shit at organizing pretty much anything.

Hope you feel better soon! Weekend is coming up :p

song for you:
good evening :)

greaaaat story greaaat mood u brought over here with ur story enjoyed reading :)
sounds like good evening and good plan for phantasialand. i know it but were never there cause i live at the other end of germany (berlin) =)

so good luck for ur quiz.

ah and the song i rly like thx! =)
probably going to sleep in a few hours.
Did u do ur hair like that picture? will be a good day for u then! :p
So fucking tired atm, can't even own 100% with akali in LoL atm :(
no shoutout for me? :o
heyy i go to bed after finishin replying on here :)

Did u do ur hair like that picture? will be a good day for u then! :p WHAT? :D

well... u just are back at me buddy s/o laterz maybe :DDd
u going to bed already? :(
Well, if you look hot like on that picture everyone will be nicer for you and you will have a goooood day :p
im sick :( need to..

and i was always wondering why they all are soo nice to mee ;)
haha :p

get better soon ;)
Im so tired this morning... was at karlsruhe vs schalke yesterday, too bad we didnt kick their ass. will get my new tv later tonight and going to celebrate the weekend tomorrow and saturday. got to work on monday, but then there will be a huge halloween party, would like to go as ghostbuster, but need a beige overall :/
it was gg :-)
beige overall putzfirma oda so musste probieren :D
ich hab montag frei aber morgen muss ich nochma und ich will nicht :/

hallloween kp eigentlich feiern wir das auch aber noch nix gehoert^^
Good morning lil lady!
Good evening big boy =)

last night my MX518 started dying so today i woke up, called my friend and got it fixed (new cable [again, like the 5th time]). Gonna clean my apartment a bit, watch some series smoke some weed, then tonight we have oc war!

E: Gotta download some ADE sets :)

Weekend plans: Surprise B-Day party for a friend and chillax.

now playing: I Love Techno 2005 (9h)

Don't know CrossFit.

Have fun.
! Sounds like a good day id like to say same :( sadly it wasnt like this . but came home. musiiiiiiiiic on, a lil j and now browsing. eating cleaning maybe naaaaah.

havea lot of fun at bday party. surprise parties are greaaat! =)
Good morning,

I'm packing up my stuff, tonight I go back to Paris to catch a train and I'll join friends in Annecy. I hope we'll get a good weather to walk alongside the splendid lake.

Crossfit? never heard of it, but it seems effective, dynamic training is better than those gay ass musculation exercices.
good evening how long u stay<? just till sunday? hows weather there? have fun there :)
yep thats why id like to give it a try.
Well I'll stay until Monday night, then i'll go back to Paris by a night train. It's not very convenient and confortable, I think i won't sleep a lot!
Well the weather will be not very good untill friday, but the sun will shine the whole week-end!
So I think we will go for some walk near the great lake or go climbing.

Anything schedule for the week-end?

gonna go watch icehockey game to Pori since JYP is facing Ässät and after that probably hit the clubz :))

ye i know CrossFit but havent tried it :X
party hard :D
Good morning gorgeous.

Feeling sick ... again ... your not pregnant are you? :)

Plans for this weekend... Out for a meal tomorrow night, Saturday meeting up with my family and heading to Southampton to watch the Southampton - Middlesbrough game and then in the evening i'm going to cook a nice curry for the family.

Sunday will be relaxing and watching the F1, then going to take my dog for a walk and maybe venture need the pub at the same time, the dog does like going to the pub....
Good evening paul

Feeling sick ... again ... your not pregnant are you? :) Please...! no boy no wai :D

i'm going to cook a nice curry for the family. yummie yummiee :D

the dog does like going to the pub.... ofc ...

have a nice weekend enjoy x
It pleases me that i was the only person in the journal to get a x :)

thanks for shoutout i suppose? even though i prefer either est, or full one but its okay. apart from that (;D) am good, woke up earlier because recently ordered image: 55672456 so i'm waiting for deliverer. once its done, am about to smoke and take a nap. it feels so good when the others have to work and you don't, especially in the morning haha :d

had to google about crossfit but still doesn't get it so my answer is no - i have completely no idea :P

plans for weekend? 'watered-down lager, heavily cut drugs and occasionally kicking fuck out of someone'

i don't know what is that about, but i wouldn't like to troll anyone irl (because i respect my friends, and it may be funny only in the beginning) so that's good i can tease a bit with people online ^.^

och and btw somehow pic doesn't work for me ;x please help me out with it :O!
e: och it does for now, lovely x3

have a good day as well, xo
hiiiiii schneeeeeeee im ill :((((((((999
meee 2 :((((((((((((((((((

Meh! Late good morning schnee <3

Spent the day at university and went to the city afterwards. Having coffee right now outside at some cafe waiting for my tattoo guy to open his shop. Lazy him! Later home and read stuff for university... Well ill at least try.

Thats all :)
You? Reading? image: emoticon-0136-giggle image: emoticon-bandit-animate

guuute nacht ;) ich muss ins bett. krank bloed mist baeh :(

haste was machen lassen beim taetowierer? ich muss unbedingt hin erstma endlich zeichnen lassen ich bin so schlecht im aufs papier bringen :/

schönen abend dir <3
Plans for the weekend:

- go to Flanders OH Leuven - Flanders Beerschot
- prepare myself for important telephone interview that decides whether or not I can get a job in Dublin.
What kind of job? If I may ask.
Dutch Technical Support Analyst with HP.
Ok, gl with getting the job.
all u need to know for that job is 7words

Did u try to restart your computer?
Haha, I'll remember that ;-)
morning, it's a good day. done with studying for the week, so tonight gonna party. tomorrow also. now drinking coffee and mentally preparing :)
sounds like a good plan :) enjoy !
Morningggg (well, my sleeping is fucked atm so, it's my morning :D)
Sucks for you to feel sick again, green tea fixes that :ppp

Do u know crossfit? No idea *watches video*

What are ur plans for weekend?
Was supposed to be going to some halloween party thingy but things have changed also and I've now got to go in for some surgery thing to take a root out of my gum Sunday morning *_* ochkkkkkkkkkkk so no idea now.

WHat is this flame/troll stuff about? u do it in rl as well?
Never! I have little rages in ET and that's about it, all good : D
Feeling sick, Party hard!
Just woked up, cba to answer anything.
I woke up at seven o'clock , coz the dog growled behind the door. fuck! i'm so tired now. going to dentist soon :S
just came back from University - Economicenglishlesson :)

Sat next to a chick from a foreign country. Dnno where from...something like spain or portugal i assume. They have this funny sexyhexi accent :D
Well, now im gonna eat some spaghetti and sausage hell yeah! and chillout a bit until i got my next lecture at 18 clock -> Personalmanagement ;(

20 clock finished and gunna play some ET with my KG mates :) prolly gonna play at midnight again against this lowbirds with Clown, Freeze, Night, Deryn etc...
Was boring owning them yesterday and after i knifed Night from the front he was like wtf :)
u play with vaiko in one teaM???!!
ah against!
again against this lowbirds with Clown, Freeze, Night, Deryn etc...

goodmorning, <3 that feeling, geting late to work feelin cold and shitty :D

ye i pretty much troll rl more then i troll cf :D

crossfit looks like a stupid game tbh :P but my respect to the players, sick shit..
i hate it tbh :PP it cant be warm enuff in my car to work :D

have a good evening :)
have a goodnight :>
Are u always sick? D:
i just feel sick often seems like i never cure :(
cuz u partii 2 hard :p
"crossfit" :FFFFF
More like circuit with a wider variety of moves :F
its just the name of it i didnt choose :)

Crossfit -training is like the best form of physical training I've ever tried. And you don't need any expensive gyms for it. One of my friends is a police and he does the workouts for our training group. At the past two summers we have trained a lot in different places, specially in the yard of my old school nearby. Rolling tractor tires, doing dips between two goalposts, lifting sandbags, running to the top of a skiing hill, circuit training against clock and of course loads of dumbbell moves. You can do it everywhere and it is lots of fun, also you get to be outside which is a good alternative for gyms =)
us marine training > this :D
Well... :D I haven't tried it so can't comment :p ..And guerrilla training wasn't that bad back at army so crossfit takes the win so far.
just think about it thisway, 1st stage crossfit, then after u "mastered" crossfit, next stage is us marine corps.
wish u get good soon!
thank you :)
again no shoutout :(

was usual day, woke up, went to uni, had sociology(boring)

uni week over now, planning weekend

QuoteShoutouts: Carla (aww :* <3), wsk & nOOr (TEH boys), Andrew, Michael , CONFO(!), mica (lips), flooflooo (miau), dialer(kikoo), Est*, Jooooaaaaaaaaa, marko, .ee & fins =), the GANG, the #bd channel, my channel <3, m!das (call?!) , tAliiiii, hentai!, fakyyyyy, EVO PAUL SEX(ton), KARTOFFELPoffel!, ALAN and my buddies

*ctrl+f ... jago

image: alone1
no shoutout, no comment :D
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