Learning vocabulary

Hey there. I'm taking a spanish course and I'm looking for a solution to effectively study vocabulary and grammatics. Any recommendations?

Best would be some sort of open source / multiplatform software. Thought about writing everything down in an excel sheet but there have to be better ways. Want to be able to group by categories like nouns / phrases / verbs etc.

Thanks a bunch in advance!

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1//q a cool spanish guy to talk with ( except shev i don't know any oh yeah casek can speak spanish aswell even if is chilean) on irc

2/Talk to him

3/Enjoy free vocabulary.

Problem solved. Next?
I could tell them my name in spanish and that's about it. I just had three lessons, gotta do some basics first.
go to spain

learn spanish

What I do is read the foreign language first, then the translation and then repeat. After that I usually know them :-D if you can't remember that fast I'd recommend you to take coloured papers and write all male on blue and all female on red paper..

for grammar, it's probably just finding a good system in it and understanding it
I doubt grammar will be a problem for me. It's just my crappy memory giving me a hard time.
Seems nice, windows only though. :/
didnt read i clicked only cute ass thxbb
i was goin to say watch a film in spanish with subs but im pretty sure it's illegal not to dub them badly in Yermany so that's not gunna help
dubing a movie badly is spains national sport.
ola senor unblinDIOS, que pasa en su casa cuando putas
if you have the words yourself try Anki :)
Tried this rosetta stone stuff?
Nope, isn't free as well.
we are nerds. torrent it.
You can't torrent in Germany. Will get you busted in no time. I'm doing the course (which is free) to learn it and I'm just looking for some good ways to practice.
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